Friday, 16 October 2009

Kaohsiung 2nd concert?

When all 55,555 tickets for the upcoming「創造55555人」concert was sold out in just 3 days, there was talk about an additional show being added.

Fans have requested that a second show NOT be added, claiming that getting the concert tickets is too exhausting an ordeal! Anyone who has gone through it would know how tiring and frustrating the process can be. Yours truly ended up staring at the computer screen for hours on end

Considering how huge the Expo is, the audience for the single concert alone outnumbers the total for the previous 4 nights at Taipei Arena (which numbered less than 50,000)

The lads meanwhile were in HK yesterday to promote the upcoming 「創造55555人」 concert.

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mushroomhead said...

so wat they say, we are here to promote our upcoming crt but the tics hv been sold out. hehehe..