Sunday, 25 April 2010

20100411 變形DNA 見面會 San Jose D.N.A after concert party

San Jose D.N.A concert after party event.

It was originally intended to be an autograph session for VIP concert ticket holders to be held on a weekday before the concert but was later moved to an after concert autograph session. The organiser had told us to each bring an item to be signed by Mayday.

Alas, due to the band's flight delay into San Jose, Mayday were clearly worn out from the ordeal and were too tired so the event then became a Q & A and handshake session.

I was seated face to face with Ashin. best seat in the house!
hello mr spongebob


Anonymous said...

u're soooo lucky...
poor masa..haha

MiREI said...

im so jealous! how do you find the time and money to go to so many of their concerts? :P

bloodbubble said...

i don't know hahahha i just make time and money to attend them XD