Tuesday, 30 November 2010


And last but not least, this is the 田季發爺 燒肉 [yakiniku] place that Mayday patronises. Where they had one of their post DNA concert dinner/celebration (that would be Monster's fav yakiniku haunt and that's maybe cos he lives in the area)

I didn't take many pictures of the place as it was dark (it was late when we arrived for dinner). And well, frankly, the interior of the restaurant wasn't really very picturesque. It was a bit old to begin with and the furniture has seen better days.

The walls were covered with grafitti, including Mayday's signature (I forgot to take a snapshot!)

The food was nothing to shout about. I love BBQ but they use too much spice in the cooking though it was nice having someone at our table to cook for us throughout the night.

The place was quiet when we arrived and we were the last customer by the time we were finished. I guess the place doesn't see big crowds. It was a weekend night, I had expected a bigger crowd.

If it's yakiniku you're looking for, I would highly recommend going to Hutong instead. Hutong serves the yummiest yakiniku I've ever tasted and the sweet potato in cheese is to die for!


田季發爺's address is 台北吉林路181號 and if you're lucky you may catch them dining there ;)

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