Tuesday, 14 June 2011

五月天代言Nokia X7-00

The new Nokia X7-00 phone endorsed by Mayday. The phone specifications - powered by Symbian O/S, comes 4-inch AMOLED nHD touch screen and a 8 mega pixel camera. Nice touch on the camera but design wise I think the phone looks a lil on the ugly side. It could be that I've fallen out of love with Nokia years ago and no longer find any of their phones attractive.. (the truth is I've been brainwashed by Apple. My iPhone and I are practically inseparable LOL)

For anyone who's interested, the suggested retail price in Taiwan is NTD15,800. For every purchase of the Nokia X7-00, complimentary Transformers movie tickets will be thrown in (while stocks last)

the Nokia N7-00. Purchase one today and it comes pre-loaded with the band members' phone numbers LOL 

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