Friday, 14 March 2014

A journey through the world of Mayday fandom

Come March 29, Mayday will be celebrating their 15th year anniversary. 

It's been an interesting journey in the fandom. It all started with a song I heard on the radio and my first Mayday concert 9 years ago I was seated in the second cheapest section at the rear end of the stadium (needless to say that was the first and last time I ever sat so far during a Mayday gig). A decade later, after having seen them live more than 90 times, much has changed but the passion is still the same :)

Little did I imagine that Mayday would become as popular as they are now. They probably in their wildest dream would never imagine that they'd someday be playing at Madison Square Garden (and I am glad that I will be there to witness this historic moment in their career)

Looking back,

I remember a time when Mayday used to have signing sessions.

I remember a time when I didn't have to queue overnight to get to the front of a Mayday event.

I remember a time when their world tour didn't last 3 years and run into 80 shows.

Back then, when Mayday came to town (which wasn't very often) there were no full house shows, even a medium sized venue would have several rows of empty seats near the front. 

Back then, turning up just an hour or two before a signing session gets you a spot down in the front.

And gone are the good old days of album/concert promotion events, album/concert ticket signing sessions. 

These days they play to sell out venues wherever they perform and tickets are becoming increasingly difficult to buy (queuing overnight for tickets zZzzz) 

Their world tour is getting longer (3 years is really tiresome...), their annual HK concert in May looks set to be a 7-8 show yearly affair, with the vast majority of ticket reserved as internal tickets, some of which end up being sold as yellow cow tickets at exhorbitant price, snapped up in a heartbeat by mainland fans who wouldn't even bat an eye at the $$$$ price tag. 

I see many new and young faces in the fandom now. Many of the old faces have retired or moved on. It's nice to see the familiar faces who are still around. 

Happy 15th year anniversary Mayday and I will see you guys in the States next week!


MaydayJam said...

hey,It's San. How ya been? are you coming to the LA show?

Unknown said...

hi san. not going LA >.<

MaydayJam said...

awh` 15th I was wondering have you saw MD's Noah's Ark 4dx concert film? I went to the only 3d MD's film a few weeks ago. that was awesome. Do you any news about MD's 4dx/3d concert dvd releases?

Unknown said...

Hi Ling! Where did you get those Mayday America tour posters and DMs from? Ticket office?