Sunday, 27 January 2008

Feeling under the weather

I'm nursing a headache today. I can't tell if it's cos of the hot weather or cos I overslept today. Of late the weather is unbelievably hot. The weather here is always friggin hot come this time of the year when CNY is approaching.

CNY is just 2 weeks away and I haven't done much. Have yet to get started on the cleaning. Oh gosh.. for the first time in years, I didn't mail any CNY cards! Don't think I'm gonna bother this year cos I'm too lazy and it's too late to mail them abroad anyway.

Have you ever wondered if rock stars actually do play Guitar Hero? Well it looks like these two below do! LOL. Mayday were at a XBox promotion in Taiwan yesterday and it seems Ashin challenged Masa to a bout of Guitar Hero and lost by over 70,000 points [oh the shame!! but that's OK cos Ashin is still my guitar hero =) ]

Guitar Heroes: Masa vs Ashin
tickets to go see Jay Chou on Feb 23rd

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