Thursday, 11 June 2009

BD player won't play HOE DVD

Got a Sharp BD player and new TV yesterday which looks pretty amazing. Everything was all fine and dandy till I popped in my Leehom 蓋世英雄 Heroes of Earth concert Live In Taipei DVD in the BD player (wish I had bought the blu-ray version). It was the only DVD I own that was 'HDTV ready'. Lo and behold, menu loaded and it was working until I played the actual concert content. Then it froze. Restarted the damn thing couple of times to no avail.

I wouldn't have been so upset if dad had not told me that his other DVDs worked just fine, including those so-called crappy Made In China ones. I later tried to play my Mayday DVD and that worked too. Thank goodness! I cannot imagine if those couldn't play.

Puzzled by this, I went to a blu-ray forum to find out why wouldn't that DVD (which has since been condemned by dad) play on the BD player. Afterall, it worked fine when I played it on an ordinary DVD player. From what I gather, it appears that problem is not uncommon, but seems to occur mostly on a certain other brand of BD players. Some forumers blamed it on faulty DVD lens (the BD player has separate lens for blu-ray and DVD) or scratches on the DVD, both of which do not apply in my case.

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