Sunday, 14 June 2009

168 remastered and revisited

Mayday's No. 168 Concert DVD [五月天 第168場演唱會 DVD]

I knew I wouldn't have been able to resist not buying this. Comtemplated buying this when I first read news bout this being released on DVD - picked it in a heartbeat when I saw it in the store. I actually picked this up a few weeks ago and waited out for the arrival of the BD player to play it. Not that it would have made a difference since this isn't blu-ray.

It reads '全新 Mastering Live DVD' on the cover. I wasn't expecting too much since the concert itself is so old and the previous release on VCD wasn't the best. It's been awhile since I last watched the VCD version but I vividly remember a brief part in the beginning which had pixilated picture [which is not uncommon in VCDs] I'm ruling out possibility of the VCD being scratched. No chance of that happening to anything that I buy brand new as I am very anal about my music collection xP

Anyhow, I watched a couple of tracks of the DVD and it's not too shabby at all. And it sounds good too.

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