Monday, 4 January 2010

California Dreamin'

I've been slacking off in blogging lately partly coz I've been busy planning for my April trip. Phews.. planning for a big trip is not easy. The main thing was getting the Mayday DNA concert tickets sorted out - haha - that was my priority. The good news is, I've secured FIRST row tickets to the Mohegan Sun (both shows!) and San Jose concerts. A big thank you to my homegal Elly for helping out with the tickets. The LA concert tickets aren't officially on sale yet, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that ;)

Once I've secured all the concert tickets, the rest should be fairly easy - sorting out lodging and all the internal flights. My tentative itinerary:-

KL -> TPE -> NY -> CT -> NY -> SF -> LA -> SJ -> SF -> TPE -> KL

I'm looking forward to returning to Mohegan Sun. I had fond memories of the place. My first visit there was in 2007. I'm also looking forward to returning to New York city- and I hope this time to be able to catch the ferry to Liberty Island after we missed the ferry the last trip.

I will be visiting California for my first time ever! LA, San Francisco and San Jose here I come!

14 days, 6 cities, 4 concerts, 1 signing session.. it's gonna be a hell of a trip :D

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