Monday, 4 January 2010

NFL Blitz eps 6 and 7: cheerleading Mayday

After a rather boring episode 6 of NFL Blitz, episode 7 was a relief. In the episode the girls and the guys get to try their hand on cheerleading. Too bad they didn't get the guys to dance with pom poms haha. When met with the Patriots' cheerleading team, it was obvious who their favourite Mayday member is.. Stone and Monster.

I have to say, this lady Tracy who was the judge for the weekly team competition was really diplomatic when she concluded that both teams deserved 10/10 points for their effort. I thought it was rather clear who the winning team is. I'm sorry it's not team Ashin though I like how he came up with the pathetic idea to suck up to the judge by getting the team to shout "We love you Tracy" which Tracy heard as "Go Tracy". Is her hearing bad or team Ashin's English bad?

team Monster
"we love you Tracy" team
The PPK [Punt, Pass & Kick] competition was especially funny when Ashin missed the ball in the Kick round LMAO. See video below

Did anyone else notice the lack of makeup on the guys in this episode? The ruffled hair, worn-out look and puffy eyes on their faces


New-Hee said...

I always thank you for your information about Mayday

Unknown said...

Hi New-Hee. You are most welcome!

New-Hee said...

bloodbubble, can I bring the vidio to my blog? Ashin have fine figure, but just have only 'figure' >_< so cute cute~

Unknown said...

haha! of course u can take the video :)