Tuesday, 25 May 2010


lights, camera, action!
If you think Avatar 3D was awesome, wait till Mayday blow you away with their concert in 3-D. It'll kick Jake Sully's blue @$$ back to Pandora (I think Ashin had in mind to kick a Hallyu @$$ back to Korea LOL)

Mayday are set to film Asia's first ever concert movie in 3D. Over a billion NTD will be spent to shoot the concert @.@ Test filming have already begun and the main & final shoot will be on 24/7 at Taichung 「3DNA」concert. If you haven't already got ticket for that, another 8,000 tickets for the standing area will be on sale on 30 May.

「3DNA」is expected to be screened early of next year and might just hit a cinema near you!


Anonymous said...

*Drops jaw* NT$A Billion+?! And filming at Taichung's final concert? You'll be in the movie!(=

bloodbubble said...

i hope so! :)

Anonymous said...

how can i get the ticket..help me..realy need it

012 9665347