Thursday, 4 August 2011

Upcoming ticket sale/pre-order

Get ready to empty your wallets LOL!

Kaohsiung Super Slippa ticket sale starts on 5 August at 12noon
1.10/15高雄『超犀利趴 趴吐』@ 世運主場館

3DNA movie tickets X 2 and special edition movie soundtrack - pre-order starts 16 August

Just Rock It Taipei ticket sale starts on 13 August


midori said...

So I'm assuming that 9/3 concert ticket sale starts at noon too?

bloodbubble said...

msmost likely I think. will wait for official announcement :)

midori said...

ooo i see! you think since im in taiwan already its better to get it from a ticketing office or get it online?

bloodbubble said...

umm.. the hardcore ones in TW usually will bring their laptop and Q at the ticketing - maybe you can try that. see whichever gets u better seat. good luck!