Monday, 28 April 2008

Back to earth.. and final home 回到地球表面演唱會新加坡場 26/04/2008

I'm back from Singapore.. yes I've finally came down to earth.. and back to final home

I've so much to blog about.. I don't even know where to begin!

The Mayday Down To Earth gig was AWESOME!! The crowd wasn't as high as the Genting crowd but the venue is so much better than Genting Arena. Genting Arena is so old and rundown.. it's really pathetic. At the Singapore Indoor Stadium, they had a retractable skybridge and stage runway connecting the main stage to the 360 degree mini stage located on the skybridge. It's sooo awesome!! I was seated in the premier section and it was really spacious so each time the band started running on the runway we'd get to go upclose to the runway :)

view of the stage from the north entrance
Security was pretty lax. They allowed us all to stand througout the concert and many even stood on their chairs. Hehe. Yeah well so did I :) This time around they weren't strict with camera recording.. the last time I was at Indoor Stadium they were so strict the security personnel would patrol the aisle to catch anyone filming or taking pics. This time around they allowed recording! Ahh I my 2GB SD card was full even before the gig ended (the guys sang for 3 hours!!) I managed to make my way up to the front of the stage about 2/3 into the gig! The security allowed us to stand right in front of the stage :D

A number of songs were dropped from the previous set (well it's a brand new tour afterall) I can't believe they dropped 憨人 from the setlist :( It was nice though to listen to songs like 九號球 (I love this song!!!), 生活 (a great song from their first album) and 愛情的模樣. There's no longer a Masa solo set, but Stone has a solo set where he sings Yi Ya Ya.. such a beautiful song

Stone singing 咿呀呀 Yi Ya Ya

hey hey hey JUMP!! look at him JUMP!!


shadow said...

Heya, thanks for sharing your videos!
I've linked to some of them from here. It's great to be able to relive highlights of the concert. If you were in Singapore I would send you a chocolate cake in gratitude! :-)

Weary said...

They did not allow recordings, they just didn't enforce it too rigidly as they did no want to damper anyone's spirits. I can't believe the gall of some people. Everyone wants to get a good view, no? If everyone just rushed to the front, how chaotic would that be.