Sunday, 20 April 2008

Down to earth (well not quite..)

Back from Mayday's Genting last JUMP concert!!

The concert was a blast! (though I was a little disappointed that they sang the edited version of 憨人 and not the full version...) Ashin sang for almost 3 solid hours and there were hardly any breaks in between the songs. Whoa the guy has amazing stamina!

Everyone was so high during the concert that no one in the stage front section sat on their chairs.. almost everyone stood for the entire duration of the gig (and jumped like crazy LOL) They should have a standing section in front of the stage. C'mon Genting, it's a rock concert.. surely you don't expect fans to be seated in a rock concert? :P

Towards the end some of the people at the back started to stand on their seats.. hehe.. so I got on my chair and started jumping... and almost fell off!!!!

I didn't manage to take as many videos as I'd hope cos Genting were rather strict with the no photography rule. Whenever I tried to record, the security guys would come over and ask me to put my camera down. But halfway through the gig they couldn't be bothered anymore. The crowd was so wild that it went out of control.. even the security couldn't control the crowd.

Check out the videos I uploaded on YouTube.

This is one of my fave vid from the night. Ashin singing 人生海海 to an almost fullhouse Genting Arena. Check out the grin on his face when the fans were chanting along to the start of the song! Aww.. I bet he must be so chuffed to hear everyone singing along in unison. The fan support was immense!! Ashin declared that the Malaysian crowd the best of the entire JUMP world tour. Woohoo!!

I love the part where he slaps his butt and then does a cute little spin :D

I am sleep deprived, my throat is hoarse and my legs are sore but it was all so worthwhile :D

I cannot wait to see them in a brand new tour this Saturday in Singapore!

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