Thursday, 6 August 2009

T Music Festival

The rumour about David Tao performing in KL on 12 September turned out to be true afterall (thanks Yen Lee for the heads up!) except it's not part of Live & Loud KL, but Galaxy's T Music Festival. Hmm.. is this a maiden show? Don't recall any previous T Music Festival (or have I been living under the rock for too long?)

The 5 hour marathon concert will happen at Bukit Jalil National Stadium and features a whole load of artists: Joey Yung, Justin Lo, Kay Tse, Khalil Fong, Kenny Kwan, Jade Liu, Ocean, David Tao, Power Station, Sam Lee, Gary Chaw and others.

Despite the long list of performers, there isn't a single artist that I'm interested to go watch (other than DT) so I am gonna give this one a miss.

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