Friday, 19 March 2010

NFL Blitz - the end

I was right about episode 15 not being the final episode of NFL Blitz. Episode 16 - the finale was aired last night and finally brought an end to the series. No more late Friday nights waiting hours for episodes of NFL Blitz to stream.

Mayday were introduced to the game of football flag in the last episode, which actually looks pretty fun. Almost like actual football game, minus the body contact. Which makes the game a lot safer.. hence it's only played by kids. How pitiful watching Mayday being pitted against kids - at least Ashin saved face by sitting out of the game and took on the commentator role haha! Did anyone else notice one of his co-commentator appeared in an earlier episode as a supposed "Mayday fan" who had bumped into them outside a library? What a poser

Mayday huddling up with their coach
the A-Team

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