Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Death of the CD player

Does anyone buy CD player anymore these days? Does anyone still use CDs?

I've been having problem with my CD player which I had used for 6-7 years. It started to skip recently and its doing it on a range of CDs, particularly locally pressed ones (goes to show how bad the quality of our local discs are)

So two weekends ago I bought a new CD player.

I had no idea how cheap CD players are these days. They're cheaper than MP3 player. There are also far fewer CD players in the market in this day and age of digital music. By the look of things, they'd probably be obsolete in the next few decades


Anonymous said...

I remember getting my CD Walkman for 50USD back in 2001... It's still alive but the buttons are not as responsive as before. Now you can buy an iPod shuffle for the same price (but only with 2gb I think)... Considering we still buy CDs, CD players are a "cheaper" alternative than getting those expensive iPods

C'est Moi~ said...

since my computer and mp3 are still fine.. i tend to buy speaker..

oh wait.. is this cd player the portable one? its too big.. >.<