Friday, 17 September 2010

Taipei bound

The yearend holiday season is upon us again (well almost..) and I'm finalising my vacation plans. Will be heading to Taipei for a week in November. My third trip there this year. Looking forward to hanging out with Tik.. I still have some Mayday stuffs with her =]

I'm constantly craving for Taiwanese mango ice. Not the ones at Ice Monster, which IMHO are way overrated. The portion of mango there are generous however the shaved ice is too coarse. Too crunchy for my liking.

mango ice @ Ice Monster

Among the various ice dessert I've tried in Taiwan, I love the shaved mango ice at 幸春三兄妹冰品店 the best. They serve really yummy Snow Ice [雪花冰] - shaved so fine that they taste like soft snow in your mouth. The shaved ice tastes so good even on its own, minus the mango *drools*

mango ice @ Three Brothers


Anonymous said...

*drool* those look good...

C'est Moi~ said...

you should come here and hang with us cla.. :D

this time, no concert can stop us.. :D we'll walk around and eat and eat! you can try the all you can eat hotpot if you want.. hehehehe~

bloodbubble said...

yeah! I wanna try that hotpot buffet at ximen (the one with movenpick and haagen dazs ice-cream).. hmm I should make a list of food i wanna eat lol