Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fangirling Part Three

Part Three - Intercom with Noel

Part of the reason why I chose to pursue my study in England was cos of Oasis. I loved them dearly. Noel Gallagher was my hero :) Hanging outside the brothers Gallagher's homes became a routine each time I went to London. LOL. They used to live minutes apart from each other in north London and every Tom Dick and Harry in England knew where they lived.

One fine autumn I went to London to meet up with a college mate from the south and we made a stop at Noel's house. It was getting dark and we didn't wanna be hanging outside his residence for too long as it was getting cold so I rang the intercom. Noel came on the intercom! So I was like (stammering): 'Noel could you come out for a bit?'

Noel (who probably regretted having an intercom outside his house hahaha..) said he was busy in the studio (he has a studio at home) and he'd probably be down 'later'. We didn't stick around long enough. That was the first and the last time I 'com him cos he later moved to a big house in the countryside away from all the pesky fans lol

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