Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fangirling Part One

Am in the mood to share some of my fangirling stories

Part One - Travis in Brixton

Waited for hours outside Brixton Academy, south London in sub zero temperature in the middle of winter waiting for the band after the gig, only to realise that:
1. Brixton is not a safe place to be in the wee hours of the morning, especially if you're Asian
2. only Japanese fans wait outside the venue after the gig

When the band finally appeared/ left the venue (pissed drunk), we got their photos/hugs/kisses/signatures

To my surprise, Fran signed his name in Japanese on my CD.
Fran: "did I get my name right?"
Me: "err.. I'm not Japanese"
Fran: "....."

Next up, Dougie. The ever smiling lanky bassist.
Me: "Dougie can you write my name?"
Dougie: *signs on CD*
Me: "uh.. there's no hyphen in between my name. It's just a space"
Dougie: "oh.." *scribbles* (see photo below)
Me: "......"

A couple of cabs were on call at the venue to send the band home and there was a Viet cabbie who was trying to pick me up that night. Turned out he sent Fran and his then gf (now missus) home. He gave me Fran's and the rest of the band members' house address - in exchange for my phone number. Seemed like a pretty good trade

And in case you're wondering, yes the addresses were legit alright and I went to checked them out.

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