Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How I Met The Series

I last saw Neil Patrick Harris on TV a long time ago when Dougie Howser was still airing on TV. Over the years I had forgotten about the series and Dr Howser, until recently when sudafan raved about how good "How I Met Your Mother" is. It's a comedy series starring Neil Patrick Harris featuring narration by Bob Saget (remember him from Full House?)

I don't watch much TV anymore cos I'm constantly glued to my laptop, so I really have no idea what's hot in TV world these days.

The series is currently in its fourth season in the States, and sudafan just picked up the season two DVD set.. hmm.. Maybe I should check it out to see if it's really that good..

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cybeel said...

oh how pleasure to watch them isn't it? They're perfectttt