Tuesday, 3 August 2010

DNA afterthoughts

And so it ends. DNA 2009-2010 World Tour. Ashin posted in his blog that it will be a long while before they commence a next major world tour of this scale. Monster mentioned it will be at least 2 years.

Since 2004, upon their return from their temporary hiatus, they've been touring non-stop. From the 2004-06 Final Home, 2007's JUMP 離開地球表面, 2008's Down To Earth 回到地球表面 to 2009-2010's D.N.A

That's 4 major world tours over a span of 6 years! It's high time they took a break.

I've many fond memories of the D.N.A World Tour - from the kick-off 3 nights in HK, 2 nights in Singapore, 4 awesome nights in Taipei Arena, 55555人 in Kaohsiung, 4 concerts across the US of A from Connecticut to LA and San Jose, the disappointing DNA Singapore (which I did not blog about), DNA KL and the Taichung grand finale.

Along the way friendships were made and rekindled. It was really good to see all my friends across the Pacific ocean: my Boston homie Elly whom I cannot thank enough! There's also Lily who I last saw in 2007. And the West Coast peeps - founders of the now defunct Mayday America: Joanna from San Jose and Steve from San Francisco. Dorothy from Toronto and Leehoon from Sheffield. You guys are da bomb! And not forgetting all my friends across Asia. Net from Jakarta, who flew out to hangout with me and support my favourite band. A very special shoutout to my homie Tik in Taipei, without whom all those front row DNA tickets would've been impossible. A million thank yous!

And some of the highlights from the tour:-

Mohegan Sun - I have never ever seen such an empty concert hall for a Mayday concert!! Ashin couldn't take his eyes off the empty seats

San Jose - the concert that almost didn't happen. Again, hall was half empty and the band arrived so late
they didn't have time to fully set up their props

LA - easily the best organised and promoted concert of the N.A tour. Great venue, awesome location, fantastic fullhouse audience and a really intimate gig. What more could a fan ask for? ;)

HK - saw Eason Chan roll his eyes upclose. Not a pleasant sight. Make you wanna poke his eyes out.

Taipei - believe it or not, there were too many people down in the front row who look like they'd rather be elsewhere

Taichung - mudfest #2. chucks got ruined for the second time. too much fun.

KL - the only standing DNA I've attended. Q-ing up is no fun.

SG 2010 - mudfest #1. least favourite gig of the tour. the least said the better.

Kaohsiung - one of my favourite gig of the tour. massive human crawl.


chris said...

why did Eason roll his eye? ashin lari tune that bad ar? lol

bloodbubble said...

haha.. it's cos reporters and fans were taking Eason's pic and he didn't like that. He had a really black face

C'est Moi~ said...

thank you for introducing/taking me to their concert.. it was the best!!

bloodbubble said...

my pleasure :)