Wednesday, 5 March 2008

「回到地球表面」签票會 Bugis Junction 4.3.2008

I've officially 離開地球表面.. and floating now LOL cos I'm so high from last night's Mayday concert promo in Singapore. I got up at 6:00am yesterday and caught the 7:30am bus to Singapore. Upon arriving, Baby J and I split up cos I had to head to Tanjong Pagar to get the Mayday concert tickets from Fei at 1:00pm and Baby J went straight to Bugis to check-in at the hotel and then rushed over to Bugis Junction.

The event was scheduled to start at 7:00pm but the Q started to build up fairly quickly after we had arrived. Baby J was quick enough to be first in the Q :) I guess they must be quite popular in Singapore compared to Malaysia, judging by the number of fans who turned up wearing Stay Real tees and how quickly the Q grew. By 4Pm the place was almost packed.

The lads arrived a little late at around 7:25pm. Again they picked on Guan You to do most of the singing. Those guys are so funny.. why do they keep picking on Guan You? The guy can't even remember his lines when he sings!

The highlight of the event was when I got picked to go onstage with the lads!!! :D OMG I didn't see that coming cos I was standing on the railing and had my Ashin banner high up when the guys were about to start playing a round of games with a lucky fan. And guess what??? Masa went "pick the girl with the Ashin banner" For a moment there I was dumbfounded. Baby J kept pushing me to GO GO GO

When I got to the stage, Ashin was standing right in front of me.. holding my banner!!!!! While I was making my way onstage, Monster had asked for my banner to be passed to the front. Too bad Baby J didn't manage to get any pics of me and Ashin together onstage.. though she video'ed it and there were many vids on YouTube :)

Ashin holding my banner :)
I got to stand beside Ashin throughout the Q&A session (and yes we were very close.. hehe)

Each of the guy took a shot in asking me a question.. in English!! (sorry guys.. if only you knew prior that Mandarin isn't my strongest language) It was absolutely hilarious. The funniest part was when I was asked the name of the new tour. As I turned around to take a peek at the concert poster behind me, Ashin and the rest of them moved quickly to cover the name of the tour with their hands!! They're so cute LOL. As if I didn't know the name of the tour!

And when Ryan wrongly asked me what time is the concert - he confused "date" with "time", the lads couldn't stop laughing. HAHA

I felt like I was onstage for the longest time.. Ashin was nice enough to hold the mic for me :) I'm soooooo happy that I got to stand right next to Ashin and talked to him. He's quite tall (I'm a shortie) and he's so dreamy :))

At the end he gave me a goodie bag from Rock Records.. and he said to me in english "you're beautiful" LOL!! OMG that was really sweet of him :D Baby J managed to catch it on vid heh heh

Inside the goodie bag were 11 Mayday CDs.. promo discs from their previous albums. And some are signed by the band. Very nice collectible items :)

goodie bag content - promo CDs galore!
Mayday (from l-r: Masa, Monster, Ryan and Ashin)
sweety Ashin :)
hmm.. what are they looking at?
my signed concert ticket

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