Friday, 31 July 2009

From zero to heeeeeeero

After a 3 year hiatus, DT is back.

His new album, titled '69樂章' [69 Movements] will be released on 15 August 2009. In conjunction with the release of the new album, David will be also starting a series of mini concerts in October, beginning with Kaohsiung on 16 Oct, Taizhong on 17 Oct, Hsinchu on 18 Oct and Taipei on 22 & 23 Oct. Tickets can be purchased through the Taiwan FC or ERA website. Ticket prices range from between NT$ 800 to 4200 (!!) That's pretty steep, considering it's just a 'mini' concert and the most expensive range costs NT$ 1000 more than Mayday's D.N.A concert ticket. Hmmm...

Rumour has it that David will be in town on 12 September to perform at Live & Loud KL. Here's hoping he'll be having his album promo that same weekend ;)

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