Friday, 20 June 2008

2008 MTV Asia Awards

Baby J's MTV Asia Awards voting fever has finally caught on to me LOL. Voting began sometime last week (?) and I only started voting yesterday evening. Primarily due to the fact that I haven't been spending much time online of late. Anyhow I finally registered at the MTV Asia Awards site and casted a few round of votes for Mayday for Favourite Artist Taiwan. So far it looks like it's a neck to neck competition between Jolin Tsai and Show Lo, both of whom are leading the race with an almost equal percentage of votes [42% each] S.H.E are currently at the bottom of the table [with just under 6%], and Mayday aren't too far behind them [9.5%].

Voters are only allowed to cast votes every 10 minutes. I see Baby J has downloaded a timer online. I am putting my dad's old Seiko timer to good use hehe. It's been sitting in the shelf for as long as I can remember - I don't know why he bought it in the first place. but it comes in real handy now. I set the alarm to go off every 10 mins after casting my vote :D

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