Sunday, 22 June 2008

Jam Hsiao

What do Aska Yang, Jam Hsiao and Yoga Lin have in common other than being reality show heroes? The answer is Ashin. All three have had a helping hand from Ashin; Ashin designed Yoga's new tour tee under his Stay Real label and wrote a song for Aska [Yang Cong - I absolutely love that song].

Jam Hsiao's self-titled debut album was released in Taiwan last week and features amongst others; songs written by Gary Cao Ge, F.I.R, Sodagreen's Qing Feng and Mayday's Ashin. I have not heard the rest but I downloaded Ashin's composition for Jam titled "Teng Ai/疼愛" which didn't sound too bad but personally I feel that Aska's Yang Cong is a much better song.

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sunset2712 said...

Hi Ling, I liked the song Teng Ai... Not a bad album after all.... Lol.. cheers! ^^