Sunday, 24 August 2008

End of the Olympics

Tonight the Beijing Olympics finally came to an end. Compared to the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony was nowhere as spectacular. The "performance" by the Brits was lame.. why did they get Leona Lewis to sing a contemporary pop love song at an Olympic ceremony?! And David Beckham.. oh please that man is a has-been! (never did like him and I can't fathom why his fans turned up early at Times Square recently to ogle at the unveiling of his Armani billboard featuring him in mini briefs and errm "enhanced" crotch *vomits*)

It was good to see Leehom onstage with Kelly Chen and oppa Rain (almost didn't recognise him - he had his shirt on for once! I guess the Beijing Olympic committee didn't want the millions of viewers around the globe to see his oiled torso :P)

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chris said...

jimmy page can still kick ass with his guitar!