Thursday, 21 August 2008

Upcoming Mayday gig

Rock Records has announced their Lee Guitar All Stars Night concert in Singapore on November 29th and confirmed artists performing at the show include Mayday (of course), Emil Chau, Tanya Chua, Jonathan Lee and Zhang Zhen Yue. Yet another concert in SG.. ahhh looks like I will be making multiple trips down south this yearend!!

I haven't decided yet if I wanna go cos I'm unfamiliar with the other veteran Rock Record artists' songs but am mighty tempted cos Mayday will be there and I'm quite keen to catch Tanya and A-Yue live :)


xiaoyu said...

Come come come lah``

hee hee the other 2 old men we skip them lah~~


I make a wish Cheer is coming too though I am also a daydreamer haa.

bloodbubble said...

I will!! Already booked the tix hehe :)

Yeah I was hoping to see Cheer too but oh well I like Tanya too

xiaoyu said...

yeah i like tanya and ayue~
and cheer is coming too~`

oh yeah~

ooo yeah~