Friday, 15 August 2008

Superband grand final

I've been seeking high and low for tickets to the Superband 2 grand final on October 5th and today I received an email reply from superband @ mediacorp:

Tickets for the Grand Finals will not be available till last week of
September. Therefore, we are unable to provide details regarding ticket
availability till then. Please email us again closer to the release date. Thank
Ohh at least now I have an indication on the availability of the tickets :) Since the grand final coincides with my birthday, I hope to get a pair of premium tickets!


xiaoyu said...


I heard go cheers or 7-11 buy sth then get tickets yeh but not available now ~~ *tsk tsk*

I wan c my super band Mayday too ~~

bloodbubble said...

oh? i didn't know. thanks for the info! will have to beg my frens in SG to get the tix for me from there then hehe

xiaoyu said...

hv u got it?

I wan gooooo then hvnt got the tix yet. >________<