Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Monster's busted jeans

Last night saw the final of the four「變形D.N.A」concert in HK. Funniest thing happened during the concert, Monster's jeans ripped (in the crotch hahaha!) and he had to change them halfway through the show. LMAO. Ashin had quoted that it was the first time in 10 years that Monster's jeans had ripped during a show.

Monster is very fond of skinny jeans and I'm sure that pair of jeans must have been worn to death on tour.

check out the size of that rip!
Fans of classic rock bands Bon Jovi and Deep Purple *ahem* won't *ahem* be too pleased to know that Mayday sang a cover version of You Give Love A Bad Name and Smoke On The Water during last night's concert. Well technically Ashin only sang a couple of lines and not the entire song. Once again I can't comment on him singing in English - it sure don't sound English to me XD

News have also reported that the 8,000 standing tickets for the Taichung concert which went on sale this past Sunday were snapped up in just 28 minutes. And after the final DNA concert in July, the band won't be touring till 2012.


sunset2712 said...

Hahahah... This post really crack me up! But pity Mons also.

WHoa, 2012... It's Mid of 2010 now. So you just need to wait for about 500 days only... Time flies, remember? LOL

bloodbubble said...

why it didn't happen when we were right in front of him in Mohegan? hahaha

ya 2012 is not THAT far away.. they can have a end of the world concert LOL