Friday, 11 June 2010

So long Supergrass

isn't everyone in it for the money?

This is news to me. Supergrass played their final UK show in London last night ahead of their split. The final ever concert will take place tomorrow night at Paris' La Cigalle. Final show in Paris? Not exactly very romantic LOL

After 17 years the band have finally decided to split (Has it been that long...??!) It's really sad to see bands splitting up - I was heartbroken when Oasis split up last year >.<

My earliest memory of Supergrass was their highly successful "Alright" single that was mega popular when it was first released. I still remember the MV till today cos it had a trio of blokes, one of whom look very much like monkey man. haha!

Supergrass thanks for all the great music! Your splitting up will be a loss to the once golden generation of Britpop bands

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ツリちゃん☆ said...

I remember 'Alright' and they were so funny in the MV~ ^^ Really 17 years?

It's going to sound stupid, but I might have heard about Oasis's split and forgotten clear about it. Ah well. Haven't even listened to Eng pop/rock in a loooong time. Though Britpop will forever be the music of my teenage summers(so to speak)~ (: