Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The art of war

After a really intense bid war, this Mayday 小太陽 [Little Sun] promo CD is finally mine!! ^.^ Whoever it was trying hard to outbid me (someone with the user ID "bluesea02262****" - why does Yahoo keep their identity confidential these days?) – tough luck mate, I won haha.

五月天 小太陽 單曲CD

Along with the Mayday CD, I’ve also picked up a couple of other promos as they were going cheap (with prices from RM4): Kenji Wu's 將軍令 (for suda51) & 吳克群, Alan Kuo's 零 and Shin's Run 2008

Ke You Lun

the other Shin - not to be confused with Mayday's Ashin LOL

2 Kenji CDs (hmm.. people might start to think I'm a big fan...)

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