Sunday, 13 July 2008

Journey to nowhere

Yet another disappointing weekend. I could not get tickets to watch Journey To The Centre of The Earth in 3D today despite arriving at GSC Midvalley early in the morning - tickets for (almost) the entire day were sold out! (there were still tickets left for the standard 2D version though) and Baby J's efforts to pre-book the movie tickets online last Friday turned out futile so it looks like we're gonna have to try our luck again next week.

Coincidentally I bumped into Zelina while at Midvalley today. It was Baby J who spotted her (with her hubby, her two kids & maid) Funnily enough one of the first thing she asked me was "Are you going to Taiwan?". Actually she sent me a message at my YouTube account a couple of days back and I replied saying I wasn't planning to go. I guess she hadn't read my message.

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