Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Taiwan Beer Festival

Do you love beer?

Do you live in southern Taiwan?

Do you enjoy live music?

Have no plans for the weekend?

Head on over to the Third Annual Southern Beer Festival in Pingdong this weekend. It's gonna be a beer filled music festival with performances by Mayday, Aska Yang and Kenji Wu. Beer+Mayday+live music sounds like my kind of festival.. now if only I lived a little closer to Pingdong :) I hope Monster don't get drunk before the show.. it'd be funny if he falls off the stage playing while drunk haha. Mayday fans can rest assured that their lead singer does not indulge in alcohol binging cos he can't drink :)

I am reminded of a really funny pic that Baby J sent me of Xiao Wen looking "lost".. after one too many drinks haha.. what is that on his head?

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