Friday, 11 July 2008

Lost and found.. but not forgotten

I found my old Smurf figurine! It was sitting in my drawer beneath a pile of little boxes and band-aids. Oh wow it looks like I dug up an ancient artefact LOL Just take a look at the condition of the box.. it's all tattered and battered!!!

I reckon it's close to at least 20 years old. And here's proof - there's a price tag still stuck on the side of the box - anyone remember Kimisawa Dept Store? A long long time ago when the Atria in DJ was still a cool place to be seen at, Kimisawa was one of the anchor tenants there.

Poor ol "Rocky" Smurfie has not aged very well.. some parts of the blue paint seemed to have peeled off and the part which used to be gleaming white isn't white anymore! :(

the bottom of the box is in Deutsch - can anyone translate?

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