Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009!

I stayed at home this new year's eve (no surprise) and caught the Taipei 2009 New Year countdown live on telly. It was a 6 hour concert but I only managed to catch the last 2 hours. I caught the final and headlining act - Taiwan's favourite Mayday :) The first concert of the year for the guys as they took the stage after midnight (with many many more upcoming shows for the year...)

Ashin was decked in his usual Stay Real apparel and his Kitty Robot tee is now enhanced with bling blings. I like how Kitty's eyes now has glittery bling blings on them. Cool! I also like how he had bling blings added on his blue Stay Real S tee at the last concert.

Though for the most part of their performance looked suspiciously mimed (Ashin isn't the best lip-syncher), it was good to hear them sing their new songs. And I'll be watching them singing the new songs live again this Sunday in Singapore =]


- JY - said...

I think Ashin really sang too many concert in Taiwan already. Mayday almost everyday got the campus concert, no wonder Ashin vocal got affected.

Seems like he got to take care of himself, so that his vocal would recover faster.

Hope he could recover fast =)

bloodbubble said...

Poor Ashin. Hope he recovers by Jan 4.. or he'll be miming again!!