Friday, 30 January 2009

NME Awards 2009

How did Noel Gallagher end up with a nomination for “Best Dressed Male” at the NME Awards 2009? Did they get Our Kid mixed up with Noel? :P

With the release of their much acclaimed 7th studio album [Dig Out Your Soul], Oasis have garnered 7 nominations in this year’s NME Awards, including nominations for Best British Band and Worst Band (wth?), Best Album Best Video and Best Live Band. Noel was nominated for Hero Of The Year and Best Dressed Male. Noel had the cheek to state "Seven nominations, you say? Is that all? I always knew my time would come in the Best Dressed Man In The World category." Humility is obviously not his strongest quality.

The only nomination that Coldplay picked up was for Worst Album - wahey! At least the folks at NME have taste in music :P

Cast your votes now at NME Awards site. Winners will be unveiled on 25 February 2009.

Oasis - best or worst band?

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