Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Nuch, my fellow Ash friend from Bangkok sent an email last night informing me of the Bangkok airport closure. As of last night, all flights in and out of Bangkok have been either cancelled or diverted to other Thai airports. The unlucky ones who arrived after the anti-government protestors invaded the airport are still stuck inside the airport as of now.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation on whether or not the Bangkok 100 Rock Festival will be postponed. Again!! The festival was postponed last year though not due to protests or anything. (I think it was due to sponsorship problem)

If they do postpone the festival, then it’s gonna throw a wrench to my travel plan!! I will have to cancel my flight, reschedule and replan.

The only good news I've heard all day is that Tsu Ning may be seated beside me at the Lee Guitars All-Star concert! yippee!

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