Thursday, 27 November 2008

So why so sad

So it's finally official. Bangkok 100 Rock Festival 2008 is cancelled. I am soooo GUTTED!!! I was really looking forward to the trip and watching Ash and Manics live again.

What now? I've to reschedule my Bangkok flight (hmm shall try to book for next year's Rock Festival though I doubt if Ash and/or Manics will be in the line-up), cancel my hotel reservation, trouble Jib to get the festival tickets refunded and book my SG return bus ticket!!

The protestors have also taken over the second airport in Bangkok, Don Muang Airport (for domestic flights) as of midnight.. gosh what is going on in Bangkok?

I came across this on the Bangkok Rock Fest webboard and found it rather amusing (no offence to As I Lay Dying):

AS I LAY DYING Jakarta Show Re-scheduled to Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear metalheads, due to current ongoing mass strike in Bangkok, Thailand (and
other Thailand major cities) since Tuesday, November 25, Tim Lambesis and
friends from the band As I Lay Dying had encountered an unexpected situation
where they could not fly out of Bangkok. The band had arrived on Tuesday night
and stucked in the city ever since. They could not get out of the country as the
main international airport in Bangkok, Svarnabhumi, and other international
airports have been blocked by the masses. On Thursday morning of November 27,
the band was finally able to take the land route to Vientiane, Laos. In the
middle of their journey, roads were also blocked by the angry masses. Hours of
travelling to reach Laos, then they continued to Pnom Penh (Cambodia) and
attempting to get the fastest route to Jakarta.They will be here, they are eager
to play and the fans are crazy to see them, one of the 2008 Grammy Awards winner
nominee. It is delayed, it will be delayed...we are deeply apologize for the
inconvenience but we assure you the band will play for the Indonesian fans,
re-scheduled to play Senayan Indoor Stadium on Sunday, November 30, 2008 from
the originally schedule of Thursday. So metalhead .. what are you waiting for …
the show must go on..!!! It does not matter if it’s Thursday or Sunday, it’s
time to rock!!!

Gosh, the trouble the band had to go through, travelling through Laos and Cambodia and encountering angry masses along the journey just to get to Jakarta must be quite an experience for them! (though I wonder what were they doing in Bangkok on Tuesday when they were suppose to play Jakarta on Thurs and Bangkok on Sat??!)

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