Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Here's a taste of the seven sins

I was up last night watching “Envy” on telly out of curiosity cos 1. I’ve never heard of that film and 2. Ben Stiller and Jack Black are in it (it reminded me of their recent Tropic Thunder collaboration)

The movie was BAD. It fared so badly at the US box office that it went straight to DVD release outside the US. The plot is ridiculous but it was hilarious, like all classic Stiller comedies. Disappointingly, "Envy" is marred by bad script and plot.

Coincidentally, the movie shares the same title as an Ash song (great Ash song but can’t say the same about the movie) Which brings me to the next point - why do movies that share the same titles as Ash songs always turn out to be disaster movies? “A Life Less Ordinary” was so bad that I think nobody remembers it now LOL

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