Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Live and Let Die

Is it an 'in' thing now for old, gone away bands to make a comeback?

Guns N’ Roses have just released their first album in 15 years titled “Chinese Democracy” which incidentally, is banned in China (with an album title like that? Go figure) Apparently, Axl Rose is the only remaining member from the original line-up. Hmm..so if it’s just him from the original line-up with a couple of new guys, that technically does not count as a revival of the band does it?

I’ve never been a fan but I do remember Slash, that guitarist with the big hair (it’s funny looking back now but in the 80s and through the early 90s, it was a fashion trend in rock bands to have big hair. Remember Skidrow, Bad English, Bon Jovi?) who always seem to have his pet python snake around during photo shoots.

And no, this album won't be on my Christmas wantlist :P

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