Friday, 25 February 2011

JJ X Ashin

Ashin will be guest at JJ Lin's Taipei I AM concert on 1 April 2011 at the Taipei Arena. The two haven't had much collaboration since the song 黑武士/Black Warrior on JJ's 2008 album titled JJ陸 which was written by Ashin. Coincidentally, the two are neighbours in Shanghai as Ashin's STAYREAL store is JJ's SMUDGEstore neighbour.. so hopefully we'll see some STAYREAL X SMG collaboration in the future.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rock 30 Beijing

滾石30/Rock 30 will be held in Beijing at the Beijing National Stadium on 1 May 2011 - with the main line-up of Mayday, Wu Bai & China Blue, Emil Chau, Fish Leong

Friday, 18 February 2011

五月天3DNA starts filming

Concrete news on 3DNA at last.

Prayer was held today at 台北電影公園/ Taipei Cinema Park for the upcoming filming of Mayday's 3DNA concert movie. The 3D movie which will cost NT$100 million is slated for September 2011 release and 60-70 minutes of it will feature concert footage recorded from last year's 變形DNA世界巡迴演唱會 in Taipei (shouldn't it be Taichung?), Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. Other parts of the movie which make up between 20-30 minutes will be filmed in Taipei with the remaining to be filmed in the mainland.

Expect to also see Richie Jen and Rene Liu in 3DNA playing the role of taxi driver and passenger.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Audi A1

Introducing the Audi A1 driven by Ashin.. taken from the upcoming CF that the band were shooting. Not quite the kind of car that suit their image. The Audi A1 is a mini 2-door car that resembles the mini Cooper. Looks to me an urban chic car

The Audi A1 endorsement by Mayday is expected hit the market in Taiwan on 24 February 2011. Elsewhere, the Audi A1 has been promoted via a 6 episode video release entitled "The Next Big Thing" starring Justin Timberlake.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

20110213 五月天 @ 世博風華新竹再現演場會

1. DNA
2. 孫悟空
3. 妳是唯一
4. 知足
5. 你不是真正的快樂
6. 戀愛ing
7. 離開地球表面
8. 最重要的小事
9. 天使
10. 憨人
11. 突然好想妳
12. 人生海海

20110212 五月天 @ 高雄燈會 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

1. DNA
2. 孫悟空
3. 妳是唯一
4. 你不是真正的快樂
5. 知足
6. 突然好想妳
7. 最重要的小事
8. 天使
9. 離開地球表面
10. 出頭天
11. 志明與春嬌
12. 戀愛ing

*photos above taken from 藝人藝術攝影工作室

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

2011 Spring Wave Music Festival schedule

Full line-up and schedule for the 2011春浪音樂節/Spring Wave Music Festival

SAT. 2 APRIL 4/2(六) 貓鼻頭節目表

PM 3:30 2011春浪音樂大賞 決賽
PM 5:30 女孩與機器人The Girl and The Robots
PM 6:30 Matzka樂團
PM 7:30 紛紛樂團 Fen Fens
PM 8:30 MC HOTDOG 熱狗&張震嶽A-Yue &Free 9
PM 10:00 田馥甄 Hebe
PM 11:00 五月天 Mayday

SUN. 3 APRIL 4/3(日) 貓鼻頭節目表

PM 4:00 2011春浪音樂大賞優勝團-第二名
PM 5:00 2011春浪音樂大賞優勝團-第一名
PM 6:00 柯泯薰& The Doll樂團
PM 7:00 董事長樂團 The Chairman
PM 8:00 嚴爵Yen-j
PM 9:00 郭采潔Amber
PM 10:00 蕭敬騰 Jam
PM 11:00 陳奕迅 Eason

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Mayday will be performing at this year's 2011春浪音樂節/Spring Wave Music Festival which will will run for 2 days in early April. Details are as follows:

日期/Date & Time:4月2、3日(2天),下午4:00-凌晨12:00

原價/Ticket price:單日1400元

預售價/Pre-sale ticket:單日1200元, 將於2/10日後開放售票

五月天/Mayday、陳奕迅/Eason Chan、蕭敬騰/Jam Hsiao、Hebe田馥甄、郭采潔/Amber Kuo、董事長樂團/The Chairman、 張震嶽/A-Yue、Mc Hotdog、嚴爵/Yen-j...等等。

墾丁/Kenting-貓鼻頭公園 (戶外)

For further information, surf on to the official website

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Beady Eye

I've been an Oasis fan longer than any other bands I've like. I first bought their (What's The Story?) Morning Glory album back in 1995 - 16 years ago. They were the band who got me started on fandom XD

After they officially disbanded, we have Liam and the remaining members: Gem, Andy and Chris Sharrock in a new band, Beady Eye (i.e Oasis minus Noel) and the new band are releasing their debut album titled "Different Gear, Still Speeding" on 28 February 2011.

The first single "The Roller" is actually pretty good. Haha! Nice work Our Kid.

Now then, where can I pre-order the album? :)


4 years ago I spent Chinese New Year in New York and attended Leehom's CNY concert at Mohegan Sun. I got to spend CNY that year with Fong, her cousin and aunt in NYC and my homies from Boston, Maryland and Toronto - Elly, Lily, MJ & Munkee. It was so much fun, too much snow and freezing cold.

And this video below, was recorded at the concert in Mohegan Sun on my very first digicam, Canon IXUS 40

happy lunar new year 兔 you

祝福大家新年快樂! 恭喜發財!

May the year of the Rabbit be filled with prosperity, luck and happiness!