Wednesday, 19 September 2012

STAY REAL DREAMS 2012 一克拉的夢想當代美學展

This year's Stay Real Dreams exhibition will be held in Shanghai from 21 September till 8 November 2012. For more information, surf on to

日期:9/21-11/08 10:00~22:00
同場加映:10位夢想職人Dream Live!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

【12/30加場確定!】Audi x 五月天「諾亞方舟」航空母艦版演唱會

An extra date has been added to the Kaohsiung 「諾亞方舟」concert - 30th December 2012. Tickets will go onsale through ibon & on 7th October 2012 at 11:00am.

急協商後,現確定加開12/30(日)一場,以因應超乎預期的門票需求 。



開賣日期:2012/10/7(日)開賣時間:AM 11:00  全台 ibon或 ibon票務資訊網 16:00  全台 ibon票務資訊網(限量&特定滙豐(台灣) 信
用卡卡友專屬購票)加場唯一開賣通路:全台ibon  & ibon票務資訊網

For further details, surf on to B'in Music's website

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kaohsiung ticket sale

I arrived back from Manila just hours from today's Kaohsiung concert ticket sale

At every 7-11 I went there was a queue at ibon. Far fewer people that i had expected (cos the concerts are held in Kaohsiung - I can imagine the Q being much longer in Kaohsiung)

Much to my surprise, the ibon system ran very smoothly. It took less than 5 mins to purchase the tickets. I heard the system was hopeless, but the ibon system was fast and smooth. Hope you guys managed to secure tickets :)

the "queue" at ibon

ready.. get set.. GO

it's as easy as A B C 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Audi x Mayday五月天™ 諾亞方舟 [ 航空母艦版 ] 高雄

Audi x Mayday五月天™
諾亞方舟 [ 航空母艦版 ] 高雄 5 萬人體育場
■ 12/21 末日狂歡 ∷ 12/22 明日重生 ∷ 12/31 明日重生
■ 09/08 am11 (六) 全台ibon門票首賣
■ more info ∷ 相信音樂國際股份有限公司
■ more info ∷ 高雄 不思議

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer Sonic 2012 @ Tokyo

I almost forgot about this post, the follow-up from Summer Sonic @ Osaka Unfortunately I have no photos to share as they seem to have been deleted by mistake ! =.=

Unlike Summer Sonic Osaka, Summer Sonic Tokyo's stage were mostly held indoor at Makuhari Messe save for the main stage, Marine Stage which was held at QVC Marine Field. Though it was a lot more comfortable being indoor, the whole atmosphere sorely lacked "festival feel".

Mountain Stage was housed inside one of the many halls of Makuhari Messe and it was pretty big (20,000 or so capacity!). When I arrived there was already a sizeable crowd, who mostly came to watch Flip and Champagne, both local rock bands. When Champagne came on, the crowd went really wild and crazeeee!! 

I was really appalled by the attitude of the Tokyo fans - when Tribes' performance ended and part of the crowd had cleared, Mayday fans behind me started pushing their way to the front: how rude!!Lack of manners was something I didn't expect to see in the Tokyo crowd. On the contrary, the crowd in Osaka were really well behaved.

Mayday played a longer set compared to Summer Sonic Osaka. It was nice hearing Monster and Ashin speaking Japanese, though I do not understand a word of it

Stuck around after Mayday's performance to catch the rest of the performances at Mountain stage:
Cast - one word: "has-been".
The Cardigans - what can I say? I only stuck around to hear them sing 'Lovefool"
Hoobastank - almost died in the moshpit~ for reasons I can't fathom, they're popular in Japan, having played their 5th Summer Sonic in 10 years. They weren't exactly that good live, but one thing's for sure: Doug Robb is one hell of an Japanses ass-kisser!! So yeah, I kinda get why they're so big in Japan.
Garbage - WICKED!! Shirley Manson's performance is simply mesmerizing

20120901 新竹縣全國客家義民之夜晚會

I arrived at the Hsinchu County Stadium on Friday night. At Exit No. 2, in the motorcycle parking lot, there was already a line of 50 or so fans with their tents set up. A typical scene the night before a Mayday concert here in Taiwan. Some of the more hardcore ones actually start queuing days, up to a week ahead of the event.

event ticket

Do not be surprised to see the Q in front of you multiply tenfold ~ if it's a free concert, chances are the folks in the waiting Q are also Q-ing for their family, friends, neighbours, classmates, workmates etc.

Hsinchu County Stadium - my first time here! It's bigger and newer than the Hsinchu City Stadium.

All of a sudden, at about 4:00PM it started to piss down really heavily. The crowd got restless as the organiser wanted to wait out for the downpour to stop before letting us in. Towards the back of the line it got really chaotic and people started pushing their way to teh front. Thankfully the front section of the line was still orderly.

We were allowed inside the stadium at 4:30PM and it was a chaotic sight as fans made the mad dash inside the stadium ground. Thankfully there were seats though they were all wet from the heavy rain. I guess most fans made the dash for the left side of the stage cos I managed to grab a seat in row 4 on the right side. Not too bad!

The heavy rain brought the temperature that evening down to a cool 24C. Sweet!

831 and Champion came onstage to soundcheck for over an hour before the actual concert started.

歌單 (五月天部分):
02 歪腰
03 離開地球表面
04 我不願 讓你一個人
05 乾杯
06 最重要的小事
07 倔強
08 突然好想你
09 聽不到