Sunday, 31 January 2010

KKBox and Pacific International Sightseeing Festival 2010

Mayday will be performing in Hualien tonight at the Pacific International Sightseeing Festival 2010. Event starts at 7:00pm and will also feature performance by their fellow labelmates Ding Dang, Magic Power, Cosmos People and Champion.

For those who had missed Mayday's 2009 KKBOX數位音樂風雲榜 performance on TVBS last night, there are downloads of the award acceptance speech and DNA performance.

五月天 at KKBox, performing DNA below

More photos from KKBox performance here.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

The return of the suspenders

I should have known it was a matter of time before the suspender jeans make a comeback. Ashin had an obsession with suspender jeans circa 2007-2008 which he wore everywhere. So now the man has launched his own suspender jeans. LOL.

suspender jeans galore!

Available at all Stay Real shops from today 30 January, each pair of STAYREAL Work00 Pioneers' Jeans 拓荒牛仔褲 is priced at NT$3680 and as usual, comes in both ladies and mens sizes in blue and black colour.

see the similarity with the one below?

Having bought the first pair of Stay Real jeans, I'm contemplating adding this one to my wardrobe (despite what I've complained earlier about the quality of Stay Real's jeans - it's super stiff and bleeds during each handwash. Not the kind of quality one would expect from a pair of jeans that cost that much!) I'll have to wait till I'm in Taipei in April to try them out before deciding to buy ;)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

D.N.A concert @ Gibson Ampitheatre, LA

Finally got my 五月天 Mayday D.N.A LA concert seating confirmed today. A big shoutout to my homie Elly for sorting out all my US D.N.A concert tickets =] She pre-booked my LA concert ticket from StarZone in late December, and was told they'd call her back when tickets are issued so she can select the seating. It took them weeks to finally allocate my seating! And I can't tell from the seating plan exactly where I'm gonna be seated. I know I am in Row 3. First 2 rows are reserved for sponsors.. bah! Well at least I'll be in Row 1 for the San Jose and Mohegan Sun concerts =D

seating plan for Mayday's D.N.A concert at Gibson Ampitheatre
StarZone are currently trying to organise a signing session for the LA concert. I hope they have one so I can attend 2 signing sessions while I'm there haha *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Green fever in KL

sodagreen finally made it to our shores last Sunday. It's about time!

So I finally got to see them live, for the very first time. I've heard so much about them from fellow Mayday fans LOL. This is one of those rare bands whose reputation precedes them ;)

I have nothing but rave review on the band's performance, but sadly the same cannot be said about the organisation of the event. It was so badly organised that sodagreen had to soundcheck right before they officially start the 夏/狂熱 音樂會 at past 7:00pm! Mind you, the event was suppose to have started at 6:00pm.

Weather was horrible that day. It was blazing hot in the afternoon and started to pour as soon as sodagreen took stage. But the weather failed to dampen the band and fans' spirits. They played a set of mostly songs from their last studio album FEVER [夏/狂熱], including 狂熱 (awesome! what a way to kick start the show), 他夏了夏天, 無眠, 近未來 (during soundcheck..) and not forgetting some of their most popular songs 無與倫比的美麗 and 小情歌


Shin Yi and Kay

Afu and Xiao Wei

Agong was absent but the band soldiered on with Qingfeng playing the keyboard. They interacted very well with the audience, and Qingfeng was pretty funny. During the signing session (the band signed copies of 夏/狂熱 and 春·日光), I found the band really down to earth and friendly =]

Hope they'll return soon!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Further details SG encore DNA concert

Further details for the Singapore Encore DNA concert has been released:-

五月天 创造DNA无限放大版新加坡演唱会
Date/日期: 2010年4月17日 (Saturday/星期六)
Venue/地點: Padang/新加坡政府大廈大草場
Ticket price/票價: $168, $138, $118, $88 (Add $3 Sistic fee/外加Sistic $3服務費)

blueprint of the concert seating plan

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Now that's what I'm talking about.. barbeque!

I've been a lil slow on catching up on NFL Blitz. Episodes 8 and 9 were aired over the past 2 weeks. I watched Episode 9 last night (grrrr why do the videos take hours to stream from CCTV..?!!)

It had me laughing so hard. I've never heard Ashin spoke so much English and his English is so bad that it's hard to contain laughter. I think Ep 9 may have been recorded during their first few days in the US, as some of the footage in Episode 1 were repeated. Episode 1 was the only other episode Ashin spoke English (in complete sentences) I guessed he shied away from speaking English after the first few days.
The guys got to make and flip burgers. Ha!

五月天 burger anyone?

Monday, 18 January 2010

Mayday encore DNA concert in SG 17Apr 2010

This is really unexpected.

The first news I got this morning when I turned on my comp was Mayday's Singapore concert on 17 April in Padang. 17 April? That's the weekend after the LA and San Jose DNA concerts @.@ I am gonna be so jetlagged when I get back.. but I guess so are the guys.

Why is it called Encore DNA concert when they had already played encore DNA last year at the Indoor Stadium? Remember the additional night that was added?

For more details or pre-booking click here

Word has it that there will be 4 concerts in Hong Kong in May and the D.N.A tour will conclude in June. So Taipei encore concerts in June?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

sodagreen 蘇打綠《夏/狂熱》音樂會 KL stop

sodagreen are coming. For the first time in Malaysia.

Details of the music show are as follows:-

Date: Sun 24 Jan 2010
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Sg Wang main road

According to Universal Music Malaysia, fans with tickets will be allowed entry first. Those without tickets will have to stand behind. If you don't already know, tickets were given away when you sign the sodagreen petition located at various locations in Klang Valley.

Thanks to *ee* for providing info that there will also be a signing session at the event and the band will sign copies of 春·日光 and 夏/狂熱

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ashin stamp

I found the Mayday rubber stamp in Kaohsiung so cute that I had the Ashin one made when I got home. LOL. The bootleg version of course XD

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sodagreen Malaysia petition

I signed the Sodagreen petition today at different locations (so I could get more free tickets to the music event) Not surprisingly response was very slow. At one place mine was the first signature on the petition and two hours later when my friend went to sign, his was the second signature. haha.

Got a total of eight tickets. Acording to Universal Music Malaysia they will only bring Sodagreen over for the music show if they achieve 10,000 signatures. Hope they'll make it to our shores

Friday, 8 January 2010

Sodagreen to come Malaysia?

This is probably old news to Sodagreen fans, but I just came to know about a petition to bring Sodagreen to Malaysia. Seems the record company aren't sure if there is a big enough fanbase to bring them over, considering the cost of bringing the band over won't be cheap. So they've come up with a petition to gather at least 10,000 signatures. If they achieve 10,000 signatures, the band will come over to hold a concert [音樂會]. Each person who signs the petition will get two tickets to attend the event.

The petition event will take place tomorrow at Sg Wang Plaza from 1:00 to 6:00pm. If you are unable to make it there, you can also sign the petition at the following places:-

- Speedy, Leisure Mall
- Speedy, Mid Valley Megamall
- Rock Corner, Mid Valley Megamall
- Victoria Records, Sungei Wang
- Video Ezy, Sungei Wang
- Popular, Sunway Pyramid
- Speedy, 1Utama
- Movie Magic, 1 Utama
- Speedy, Subang Parade
- Popular, Puchong IOI Mall

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I came across this article that iruka has posted on her blog, written by hesychasm on fandom. Yes, something that all fanboys and girls can relate to. It's very well written, a very good read. And it defines me, especially the second last paragraph. haha

Fandom is focus. Fandom is obsession. Fandom is insatiable consumption. Fandom is sitting for hours in front of a TV screen a movie screen a computer screen with a comic book a novel on your lap. Fandom is eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome and not enough exercise and staying up way, way past your bedtime.

Fandom is people you don't tell your mother you're meeting. Fandom is people in the closet, people out and proud, people in costumes, people in T-shirts with slogans only fifty others would understand. Fandom is a loud dinner conversation scaring the waiter and every table nearby.

Fandom is you in Germany and me in the US and him in Australia and her in Japan. Fandom is a sofabed in New York, a roadtrip to Oxnard, a friend behind a face in London. Fandom talks past timezones and accents and backgrounds. Fandom is conversation. Communication. Contact.

Fandom is drama. Fandom is melodrama. Fandom is high school. Fandom is Snacky's law and Godwin's law and Murphy's law. Fandom is smarter than you. Fandom is stupider than you. Fandom is five arguments over and over and over again. Fandom is the first time you've ever had them.

Fandom is female. Fandom is male. Fandom lets female play at being male. Fandom bends gender, straight, gay, prude, promiscuous. Fandom is fantasy. Fandom doesn't care about norms or taboos or boundaries. Fandom cares too much about norms and taboos and boundaries. Fandom is not real life. Fandom is closer than real life. Fandom knows what you're really like in the bedroom. Fandom is how you would never, could never be in the bedroom.

Fandom is shipping, never shipping, het, slash, gen, none of the above, more than the above. Fandom is love for characters you didn't create. Fandom is recreating the characters you didn't create. Fandom is appropriation, subversion, dissention. Fandom is adoration, extrapolation, imitation. Fandom is dissection, criticism, interpretation. Fandom is changing, experimenting, attempting.

Fandom is creating. Fandom is drawing, painting, vidding: nine seasons in four minutes of love. Fandom is words, language, authoring. Fandom is essays, stories, betas, parodies, filks, zines, usenet posts, blog posts, message board posts, emails, chats, petitions, wank, concrit, feedback, recs. Fandom is writing for the first time since you were twelve. Fandom is finally calling yourself a writer.

Fandom is signal and response. Fandom is a stranger moving you to tears, anger, laughter. Fandom is you moving a stranger to speak.

Fandom is distraction. Fandom is endangering your job, your grades, your relationships, your bank account. Fandom gets no work done. Fandom is too much work. Fandom was/is just a phase. Fandom could never be just a phase. Fandom is where you found a friend, a sister, a kindred spirit. Fandom is where you found a talent, a love, a reason.

Fandom is where you found yourself.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

365 days with Brands and Leehom

On New Year's Day I received the perfect new year gift from *ee* Thanks! A 2010 calendar from Brands. It's only available in Singapore at selected stores (i think only NTUC..?) with every purchase of 2 half a dozen carton of Brands essence of chicken.

Some people don't seem to like the taste of Brands essence of chicken. I neither like nor dislike it but in my household we've switched to Eu Yan Sang essence of chicken coz apparently Brands essence isn't as good (sorry Leehom)

Monday, 4 January 2010

NFL Blitz eps 6 and 7: cheerleading Mayday

After a rather boring episode 6 of NFL Blitz, episode 7 was a relief. In the episode the girls and the guys get to try their hand on cheerleading. Too bad they didn't get the guys to dance with pom poms haha. When met with the Patriots' cheerleading team, it was obvious who their favourite Mayday member is.. Stone and Monster.

I have to say, this lady Tracy who was the judge for the weekly team competition was really diplomatic when she concluded that both teams deserved 10/10 points for their effort. I thought it was rather clear who the winning team is. I'm sorry it's not team Ashin though I like how he came up with the pathetic idea to suck up to the judge by getting the team to shout "We love you Tracy" which Tracy heard as "Go Tracy". Is her hearing bad or team Ashin's English bad?

team Monster
"we love you Tracy" team
The PPK [Punt, Pass & Kick] competition was especially funny when Ashin missed the ball in the Kick round LMAO. See video below

Did anyone else notice the lack of makeup on the guys in this episode? The ruffled hair, worn-out look and puffy eyes on their faces

California Dreamin'

I've been slacking off in blogging lately partly coz I've been busy planning for my April trip. Phews.. planning for a big trip is not easy. The main thing was getting the Mayday DNA concert tickets sorted out - haha - that was my priority. The good news is, I've secured FIRST row tickets to the Mohegan Sun (both shows!) and San Jose concerts. A big thank you to my homegal Elly for helping out with the tickets. The LA concert tickets aren't officially on sale yet, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that ;)

Once I've secured all the concert tickets, the rest should be fairly easy - sorting out lodging and all the internal flights. My tentative itinerary:-

KL -> TPE -> NY -> CT -> NY -> SF -> LA -> SJ -> SF -> TPE -> KL

I'm looking forward to returning to Mohegan Sun. I had fond memories of the place. My first visit there was in 2007. I'm also looking forward to returning to New York city- and I hope this time to be able to catch the ferry to Liberty Island after we missed the ferry the last trip.

I will be visiting California for my first time ever! LA, San Francisco and San Jose here I come!

14 days, 6 cities, 4 concerts, 1 signing session.. it's gonna be a hell of a trip :D

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New 2010

The start of a brand new year. And my first post of 2010.

For those who missed out Mayday's performance at the Taipei countdown concert, you can view it below: (it's been split into several parts so you will need to watch parts 22 to 25)

Mayday took the stage at about 11:00pm and played a 45 minute set singing a total of 7 songs:


There's no better way to end the year than to see my 2 favourite guys onstage together ^__^

Leehom and Ashin