Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Crazy about magnets

Presenting (part of) my collection of fridge magnets. Just had them rearranged today.

It's one of my milder obsession (which includes amongst others: postcard, coins and stamp collection. I'm such a dork!) I didn't used to be so crazy about magnets up until a couple of years back so I'm kinda bummed about not picking up more during my European travel and stay in England ><

Cheers to my wonderful friends who have contributed to my modest collection - Net, Yen, S.P and Elly

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Kula Shaker live in KL

So I was on FB browsing my event invitation, only to find someone had sent me an invite to Kula Shaker Live in KL on 5 August 2010 at KL Live. Omigosh!!!!!!!!! I'd never expect them to play here.. ever. LOL.

A long long time ago when they released their debut album, I was drawn to them cos they sang in Sanskrit, an old Indian language. It was kinda strange to watch a bunch of white blokes singing in an old Indian language but it was cool. Britpop was cool and have always have.

Anyone who's interested in attending, tickets are prized at RM118 (Early bird, from 1st July – 7th July), RM138 (8th July onwards and at the door) and there's also VIP Zone tickets for Upper Level priced at RM160

Friday, 25 June 2010

Warming up with Monster

Today Monster posted a guide to pre-jogging/running warm up. Next he should release a fitness video followed by a step by step guide to cooking haha!

Warm-up is important before exercising as proper warm-up will increase the blood flow to the working muscle hence decreasing muscle stiffness and risk of injury. What do I know? I'm just a armchair sportsperson LOL

stretch Monster stretch

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Run Mayday run

22 days into the 80 day Adidas 5km challenge.

The band's progress seems to reveal a pattern - they tend to run mostly when they are on tour. I personally saw Monster and Stone sweating it out at the gym 2 weekends ago (my 我的頭髮亂 encounter with Monster) Didn't realise that Ashin had been on the treadmill that very same day!

It's pretty obvious who's the most athletic of the 5. Stone's micoach chart is pretty impressive. The guy runs more frequently, longer and farther than any of the other 5.

Monday, 21 June 2010

What I don't get about Kpop...

I've never really been a fan of kpop and I don't understand this kpop wave gaining widespread popularity. If kpop had been a H1N1 virus, I fear our population would be wiped out in no time xD

How does kpop appeal to the rest of the non-Korean speaking peeps around the globe? One will find that most kpop groups are multi-lingual. Expect at least a Mandarin/English/Japanese speaking member which helps when breaking into the predominantly Chinese Asian and Japanese market (second biggest music market in the world folks) Kpop wave has even reached the other side of the world with Wonder Girls recently opening for Jonas Brothers on tour in the States. As much as I hate to say it, Cpop doesn't even come close to global stage if compared to Kpop.

Which brings me to the next thing. Kpop fan meeting. Kpop fan meets aren't exactly cheap. Expect to part with a few hundred bucks to secure the VIP seats. I don't know why kpop fans get charged to attend such events when they should be free. Organizers across the country are cashing in on the Korean Wave, bringing in any Tom Dick and Harry they can get their hands on, and fans are lapping them up. Next thing you know they'll start charging a fee for a handshake, an autograph, a photo, a hug.. LMAO

變形DNA[無限放大版]世界巡演唱會 西安站

As the DNA World Tour is coming to an end, I'm sure the band are feeling a sense of relief. This Saturday the tour is continuing in the Mainland. Playing Xian for the first time (since.. 2007?), the concert will be held at the Xian Stadium with ticket prices ranging RMB155/255/355 455/655/855.

look like they had the video shot in their sleepwear XD

Monday, 14 June 2010

20100612 五月天 @ BWL 20th Anniversary Celebration 世界童窗星光夜 新加坡

Up until last Saturday, I had no idea what or who Best World Lifestyle (BWL) were. All I know was Mayday were invited to perform at a charity concert in Singapore on 12 June 2010. Little did I know the event was actually BWL’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Through a friend’s friend we managed to secure seats in the premier section. I never got to view the seating plan so I had no idea where exactly my seat was till I entered the Indoor Stadium. Upon entering, I was surprised to see how small the premier section was. There were only 8 rows in total and almost all the seats were taken up by BWL’s VIP members who were all elegantly dressed up for the night. I felt underdressed sitting between them. Maybe that was why the lady beside me who was fiddling with her iphone all night kept looking over.

As I looked around, I could see no more than 5 other Mayday fans in the premier section. Seated right behind me was Kelly and gang, whom I had met the weekend before at the KL concert. And across the block in PA section were 2 other fans we had seen earlier that afternoon at the My Mints Product Launch Press Conference.

The event kicked off at about 7:30PM and we sat through 3 solid hours of boring speeches, various performances, prize presentation, etc. zzZzzz. Mayday appeared onstage about 10:30PM and sang for about an hour or so. It was refreshing to see them in a non-DNA mini concert. Setlist included songs not sung in the DNA setlist. I loved when they sang 終結孤單. It’s been awhile since I last heard that live. Funny moment when Ashin dropped his microphone while singing that haha! And it so happen I was recording when he dropped the mic --> view video

Other songs included DNA, 天使, 離開地球表面, 戀愛ing, 知足 and they also threw in lesser sang songs 聽不到 and 天天想你

host on the left called the drummer "Yen Ming" LOL

all photos by bloodbubble

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Monster encounter 12/6/2010

I've met/encountered Mayday several times but yesterday's encounter with Monster was by far the funniest.

It was about 5ish in the evening and my mates and I left our hotel room to head out for early dinner before going to the Indoor Stadium to attend the BWL 20th Anniversary Celebration (with Mayday as main performer). On our way down to the lobby, the lift (with see through glass) went pass the gym (with a see through door) and lo and behold - Monster and Stone were in there! Fans will recall that Mayday are currently on a Adidas 5km running challenge... so why aren't the other guys on the treadmill too? LOL

Anyway, while the rest of my mates shied away, I stood near the gym entrance and in no less than 5 minutes, a very sweaty Monster stepped out from the gym in his Adidas gear, heading towards the lift. I called him and he looked back. I went up to ask if I could get a photo taken with him. He hesitated for awhile before he said to me (in chinese 不好意思 - 我的頭髮亂) "Sorry my hair is in a mess" LMAO!! Not exactly what I had expected from the man. And no, his hair was not in a mess as it had been done up for the afternoon's press conference but it had gone a little flat from all that perspiring. I could see the beads of sweat rolling down his face.

Stone was still on the treadmill when we left and he later posted on his Facebook that he had ran for 20 minutes that evening

20100612 Mayday X My Mints product launch press conference

press conference pass
What a weekend. Another fun filled Mayday weekend :) I won a pair of pass to attend the Mayday My Mints product launch press conference at 1PM on Saturday and had to catch the early morning flight down. For convenience my mates and I checked into Marina Mandarin Hotel where the press conference was held, and also where the band were staying.

Upon registration for the press conference, we were given 2 complimentary packs of My Mints in both cool mint and peach flavour. More mints... I already have so many of them at home o.O

free Mayday My Mints for attendees of the press conference
At about a quarter to 1 we were ushered into the ballroom. The ushers took a long time to sort out our seating...

The press conference started at about half pass 1PM with the screening of a commercial that featured a new promotion - a Mayday 8 inch plush toy for $19.80 with every purchase of 2 box of mints. We were informed by Chastal that the plush toys are limited edition and that they would destroy the mould after production of the plush so no identical plush could be reproduced.

Mayday plush coming your way in August
During the press conference the band were asked what mint flavour they'd like. While the rest had suggested various fruit flavour, Monster suggested abalone flavour LOL. They band were also asked about their sweetest moments and Stone spoke of how his child would say to him upon his return home - daddy i am so happy that you are home to play with me. Awwww..

The band were also asked about their upcoming 3D movie project and the press conference ended with the attendees taking group photos with Mayday onstage. Sweet =)

Ashin stacked up all the My Mints

*all photos by bloodbubble 2010

Friday, 11 June 2010

Ashin at Stay Real Forever exhibition, MoCA

Ashin (with bloodshot eyes!), No2Good and KEA at the Stay Real Forever exhibition, MoCA.
If you're in Shanghai, make sure you head to to the Museum of Comtemporary Art located at People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, 200003, China.

Stay Real Forever exhibition will run from 10 June to 12 July 2010.

No2Good, Ashin and KEA

So long Supergrass

isn't everyone in it for the money?

This is news to me. Supergrass played their final UK show in London last night ahead of their split. The final ever concert will take place tomorrow night at Paris' La Cigalle. Final show in Paris? Not exactly very romantic LOL

After 17 years the band have finally decided to split (Has it been that long...??!) It's really sad to see bands splitting up - I was heartbroken when Oasis split up last year >.<

My earliest memory of Supergrass was their highly successful "Alright" single that was mega popular when it was first released. I still remember the MV till today cos it had a trio of blokes, one of whom look very much like monkey man. haha!

Supergrass thanks for all the great music! Your splitting up will be a loss to the once golden generation of Britpop bands

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

STAY REAL Forever at MoCA Shanghai

Stay Real smurf
If I ever need a reason to travel to Shanghai, this would be it - the STAY REAL Forever exhibition with No2Good, KEA and Ashin at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Shanghai) from 6/10 to 7/12.

The artwork featured at the exhibition reflect the 21st century generation's perspectives and includes, amongst others the lovable Stay Real mouse below.

According to MOCA, Ashin will be premiering an installation work which he has transformed the multimedia visual effects from his stage into an approachable interactive virtual reality. That sounds mighty interesting! Is there no end to this man's talents? :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

R.I.P Stuart Cable

Stuart Cable, Stereophonics' former drummer was found dead in his home early this morning of suspected drinking binge. I didn't know about it till I saw "Stuart Cable" trending in Twitter.

Stereophonics are one of the many great Welsh bands - though not my favourite. I've seen them in action a couple of times back when Stuart was still with them. I remember this one time when Kelly smashed his guitar onstage. It was so Rock'N'Roll :)

Read more about Stuart's death here

r.i.p Stuart Cable 1970–2010


What a fabulous weekend. DNA finally made its way here to our shores.

Q-ing up for rock pitt was a pain in the @$$ in the sweltering heat and we were only allowed into the venue about an hour before showtime. Apparently they couldn't let us in sooner cos they were having technical problem with mr transformer.

After the horribly disappointing 17/4 concert in Singapore, the KL concert turned out much better. My only complaints were the terrible sound system (was anyone else annoyed by the constant crackling noise coming from the speakers?) and the faulty static transformer. Oh, and rude fans who jumped line to try to get to the front in the rock pitt. Shame on them.

more concert photos here
Managed to see the band and Ding Dang leaving on early Sunday morning. What a perfect way to end the awesome weekend.

Next stop, this coming Saturday's BWL concert in Singapore :)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Mayday welcome to KL

Was fortunate to be able to see them (almost all) last night :) Managed to also catch Shi Jie as he was heading out to the stadium for work. My silver ink pen busted so I could only get him to sign on the back of the photo I took with him last month. Funnily enough my name look like it's spelled as 'Linq' LMAO!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Monster's busted jeans

Last night saw the final of the four「變形D.N.A」concert in HK. Funniest thing happened during the concert, Monster's jeans ripped (in the crotch hahaha!) and he had to change them halfway through the show. LMAO. Ashin had quoted that it was the first time in 10 years that Monster's jeans had ripped during a show.

Monster is very fond of skinny jeans and I'm sure that pair of jeans must have been worn to death on tour.

check out the size of that rip!
Fans of classic rock bands Bon Jovi and Deep Purple *ahem* won't *ahem* be too pleased to know that Mayday sang a cover version of You Give Love A Bad Name and Smoke On The Water during last night's concert. Well technically Ashin only sang a couple of lines and not the entire song. Once again I can't comment on him singing in English - it sure don't sound English to me XD

News have also reported that the 8,000 standing tickets for the Taichung concert which went on sale this past Sunday were snapped up in just 28 minutes. And after the final DNA concert in July, the band won't be touring till 2012.

World Milk Day

Did you know that 1 June is World Milk Day? Well I didn't.. not till I read about it in the news today. Happy World Milk Day everyone and bottoms up to a glass of milky goodness ;)