Friday 29 July 2011

Kaohsiung Super Slippa update

Details for Kaohsiung Super Slippa 「超犀利趴」has been announced. It will be held on Oct. 15 (not Oct. 1 as earlier announced) at the World Games Stadium and line-up includes Mayday (who are the opening and closing act), Matzka, Yen-J & Jazz band, Magic Power and Flumpool

The concert is expected to run for at least 6 hours - with ticket prices ranging from NTD480 to NTD1880

Greeny's reply

Earlier tonight I sent a message to Qing Feng (of sodagreen) in PTT on behalf of babyjessiex. Imagine my surprise when I received a reply from him! (my hands were literally trembling when I open the message LOL)

Thursday 21 July 2011


五月天追夢3DNA will be released in China on 9 September 2011 (exactly one week before Taiwan's release date)

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Global Kaohsiung ambassador

Mayday have been appointed as the global ambassador for Kaohsiung by the Kaohsiung City Government in a bid to promote and establish Kaohsiung as an international tourist destination.

Apple Daily has reported 20 concerts to be held worldwide commencing in November o.O My heart skips a beat each time I read about their upcoming concerts

Come October 1st, Mayday will headline 「高雄犀利趴」Kaohsiung Super Slippa concert which will be held at the World Games Stadium [世運主場館]

Sunday 10 July 2011

3DNA in Singapore

OMY reported on its website that 3DNA will be screened in cinemas in Singapore in late September.

Fans of Korean boyband 2AM will be pleased to know that 2AM Show will be screened in the Republic on 15 September 2011

Thursday 7 July 2011

Mayday and Glay

Glay were in Taipei for a 2 night gig at Legacy and caught up with old friends Mayday when they were there. They went drinking, visited Stay Real Dreams exhibition and ate beef noodles

Mayday and Glay - 10 years before and after

Re: [心得] 第二天演唱心得 by Ashin

Posted by Ashin on the Glay board in PTT early this morning (so rare to see him on PTT these days.. much less posting)


作者: plumage (相 信 音 樂)
標題: Re: [心得] 第二天演唱心得
時間: Thu Jul 7 05:21:43 2011


讓10年前的我好好的學習了 什麼是音樂人應該具備的態度

今天慶功宴 五月天帶他們去吃台灣小吃 然後
我有記得跟他們說 在PTT這個BBS站上 有一群始終守候著他們的夥伴



I'm just in Love , I'm just in Love
今晚最美好的一段 是你們清唱的聲音
我彷彿看到通往10年前的時光隧道打開了 透出逆光......

STAY REAL DREAMS 一克拉的夢想 佈展花絮

Saturday 2 July 2011

Homeboy's home

If you've ever wondered where Leehom lives in Taipei.. *points to pic below*

Apparently Takeshi Kaneshiro lives next door to Leehom (that's Taiwan's two hottest guys living in the same building..!)