Tuesday 29 April 2008

Book signing sessions

It took me countless hours yesterday compressing my vids and then uploading them at YouTube. The internet connection was really sucky so it took awhile to upload the vids. I realised after the first few vids that the compressed vids look really bad on YouTube so I had them all recompressed in a higher quality format.

The day after the concert were the 2 book signing sessions at IMM; Stone's Baby Let's Rock and Ashin's Escape to Japan. Stone's session was at 12PM. Ashin's was at 2PM. I got there at about 10:30AM and bumped into Jennifer when I got off the train at Jurong East. What a coincidence!! This is the 3rd time I've bumped into her LOL.

What a bad idea it was to have the book signing session barely 12 hours after the concert. The fans who turned up all look knackered and even the guys look dead tired. Ashin's eyes were so puffy and red.

Monday 28 April 2008

Back to earth.. and final home 回到地球表面演唱會新加坡場 26/04/2008

I'm back from Singapore.. yes I've finally came down to earth.. and back to final home

I've so much to blog about.. I don't even know where to begin!

The Mayday Down To Earth gig was AWESOME!! The crowd wasn't as high as the Genting crowd but the venue is so much better than Genting Arena. Genting Arena is so old and rundown.. it's really pathetic. At the Singapore Indoor Stadium, they had a retractable skybridge and stage runway connecting the main stage to the 360 degree mini stage located on the skybridge. It's sooo awesome!! I was seated in the premier section and it was really spacious so each time the band started running on the runway we'd get to go upclose to the runway :)

view of the stage from the north entrance
Security was pretty lax. They allowed us all to stand througout the concert and many even stood on their chairs. Hehe. Yeah well so did I :) This time around they weren't strict with camera recording.. the last time I was at Indoor Stadium they were so strict the security personnel would patrol the aisle to catch anyone filming or taking pics. This time around they allowed recording! Ahh I my 2GB SD card was full even before the gig ended (the guys sang for 3 hours!!) I managed to make my way up to the front of the stage about 2/3 into the gig! The security allowed us to stand right in front of the stage :D

A number of songs were dropped from the previous set (well it's a brand new tour afterall) I can't believe they dropped 憨人 from the setlist :( It was nice though to listen to songs like 九號球 (I love this song!!!), 生活 (a great song from their first album) and 愛情的模樣. There's no longer a Masa solo set, but Stone has a solo set where he sings Yi Ya Ya.. such a beautiful song

Stone singing 咿呀呀 Yi Ya Ya

hey hey hey JUMP!! look at him JUMP!!

Thursday 24 April 2008

Down To Earth

It's almost midnight and I am listening to 牙關.

I am almost done packing for the weekend trip to Singapore ^^. Am meeting Rayne at 7ish in the morning to catch the 7:30AM bus. Hmm, was it just last weekend when I was all excited about going to Genting? Baby J I am gonna miss your company!! [don't worry I will make sure Monster sees your banner :D]

I can't wait to watch the all brand new Mayday Down To Earth concert on Saturday! They're gonna have a mini stage complete with runway and retractable sky-bridge!! Now how cool is that?!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Love Mayday

I was reading this review of the Mayday Genting concert in The Star this morning over breakfast.

The first para reads:-

"Let's get this straight. Anyone going to the Mayday concert in Genting
Highland’s Arena of Stars expecting a straight out, hardcore rock concert would
have been a little disappointed."

The reviewer is obviously not a fan (though he seems to be quite fond of Monster LOL cos he kept going on about "Monster's scorching guitar solo") Well hellooo did anyone notice Masa's electrifying bass solo? Now that was beyond cool. The guy even had a solo segment on the keyboard and sang a Fish Leung song! Way to go Masa!! Fish would have been so proud of him LOL


see the 2 goofy backing vocalists at the back "slapping" themselves silly?

First up, any Mayday fan would know that Mayday is not a hardcore rock band. The guys in Mayday described their style of music as 溫柔搖滾 - a sort of "softer, gentler rock". (though if you listen to Jump! and Zhua Kuang, there seems to be a transition towards "heavier" rock)

Furthermore, if the reviewer had seen Mayday live before, he would have known not to expect a head banging rock concert. I think he'd be better off at a Metallica gig (oh dear.. I am so out of touch with the current chart music.. are Metallica still rocking? Or have they retired? :P)

Sunday 20 April 2008

Down to earth (well not quite..)

Back from Mayday's Genting last JUMP concert!!

The concert was a blast! (though I was a little disappointed that they sang the edited version of 憨人 and not the full version...) Ashin sang for almost 3 solid hours and there were hardly any breaks in between the songs. Whoa the guy has amazing stamina!

Everyone was so high during the concert that no one in the stage front section sat on their chairs.. almost everyone stood for the entire duration of the gig (and jumped like crazy LOL) They should have a standing section in front of the stage. C'mon Genting, it's a rock concert.. surely you don't expect fans to be seated in a rock concert? :P

Towards the end some of the people at the back started to stand on their seats.. hehe.. so I got on my chair and started jumping... and almost fell off!!!!

I didn't manage to take as many videos as I'd hope cos Genting were rather strict with the no photography rule. Whenever I tried to record, the security guys would come over and ask me to put my camera down. But halfway through the gig they couldn't be bothered anymore. The crowd was so wild that it went out of control.. even the security couldn't control the crowd.

Check out the videos I uploaded on YouTube.

This is one of my fave vid from the night. Ashin singing 人生海海 to an almost fullhouse Genting Arena. Check out the grin on his face when the fans were chanting along to the start of the song! Aww.. I bet he must be so chuffed to hear everyone singing along in unison. The fan support was immense!! Ashin declared that the Malaysian crowd the best of the entire JUMP world tour. Woohoo!!

I love the part where he slaps his butt and then does a cute little spin :D

I am sleep deprived, my throat is hoarse and my legs are sore but it was all so worthwhile :D

I cannot wait to see them in a brand new tour this Saturday in Singapore!

Thursday 17 April 2008

Hangover Thursday

Since the office was picking up the tab for last night's dinner, I helped myself to as many drinks I could have.. LOL.. a couple of sangrias, beer and even champagne! *hic* The office had booked the entire restaurant for the night and even invited some clients, most of whom drank so much they got pretty drunk even before the main course was served :P

I was working out my expenses for the month ...I am so skint !!! I have to settle the payment for my May trip by month end.. together with mom's share of it, since bro and I promised to treat her to a holiday this Mother's Day :D I think I am gonna live on bread and water for next month :P

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Dinner at Cava

There's an office dinner tonight at Cava, a Spanish restaurant in Bangsar. It's gonna be another one of those long boring dinner with free-flowing wines in the company of my colleagues and partners. Usually I'd try to stay out of these kind of functions, but I couldn't wriggle my way out of this one LOL. I will have to find a way to sneak off early when the partners are drunk ...

I was either too bored or really excited last night cos I was thinking of packing my bag for the Genting trip. LMAO. I'm only gonna be away for one night so there really isn't much to pack.. all I need are:-

my Stay Real tee CHECK
concert ticket CHECK
Keroshin banner (musn't forget the banner!) CHECK
blue lightstick.. ermm don't seem to have this one as yet ... KIV

and I'm all set to go!! :D

Sunday 13 April 2008

Countdown to Mayday's Genting concert!!

Less than a week to go. I can't wait!! My last trip up to Genting was almost 3 years ago (gasp!) It was sometime in June/July 2005 when I attended Leehom's concert. If it were not for concerts, I wouldn't ever bother making a trip up there.

I found this old newspaper cutting the other day when I was sorting my old mails I found this sandwiched in between some old letters. 

I just came across the results for the Music Radio Awards held in Beijing yesterday. Mayday won for best band for HK/Taiwan. Apparently Jay Chou was also at the event and he expressed interest in collaborating with Mayday in the near future. Ooo very interesting indeed. Ashin and Jay collaboration?

Ohhh Ashin is sporting a brand new Stay Real tee!! I love the new design!! Hmm.. "Back to Earth"? Could this possibly be a new design for the "Down To Earth" world tour? The official Stay Real website don't seem to have any updates on the new tee. I hope they sell it at the Singapore Down To Earth concert 

Here comes Keroro!

I picked up a Keroro model kit today. What a cute lil thing! Hehe. I thought it'd take me hours to assemble it cos it looked pretty complicated but in the end I assembled it in no more than 30 mins



Friday 11 April 2008

Phoenix Wright prequel?

I started playing Phoenix Wright 2 in early January this year and I've yet to finish the game! LOL. How shameful! I stopped playing the DS for awhile now and am picking the game from where I left off months ago. Gotta finish off this one quick.. there's still Part 3 and 4 waiting.. and what's this I hear about a rumoured prequel in the works with Miles Edgeworth in the lead role? Ooo.. I am looking forward to that! But first, can someone please tell me if A.A. did kill Juan in the final case of Justice For All?? I am stuck in the witness cross examination..

Now if you will excuse me, duty calls. I have to be back in the Courtroom to continue A.A's cross examination. LOL

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Secretaries Week

I believe Secretaries Week falls next week? What's it got to do with me? Yeah exactly. But Jo from work has been constantly reminding me of the upcoming Secretaries Week. Over the past 2 weeks she has been picking up all the Secretaries Week luncheon promotion flyers faxed over to our office and dropping them on my desk. She recommended a luncheon at Times Square. Only RM46 per pax. Umm.. OK OK I get the hint. I will take my secretary out for luncheon next week.

Jo is my secretary's "neighbour" at work.. they sit side by side. Jo's boss is my neighbour cos our rooms are side by side though I have yet to get acquainted with her cos she is new and I don't socialise much at work. LOL :P

Sunday 6 April 2008

Little Sun

I've just added a music player to this blog. It's a pretty neat player that allows you to listen to all the songs that I've in my playlist.

The track you are currently listening to is the brand new "Little Sun (小太陽)" which was released sometime last week (.. or was it the week before?)

Saturday 5 April 2008

WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Ashin's book signing session!!

I am finally gonna get my Escape to Japan book signed by Ashin!!! :D :D :D

I just read news that both Ashin and Stone are gonna be at IMM on 27th April to sign copies of their respective books. Stone's book [titled "Baby, Let's Rock"] will be released on 9th April (Not gonna buy that.. not at all interested in Stone and Gougou's account of pre- and post-Little Stone's birth LOL though interestingly enough, the book even talks about when Little Stone was conceived while the couple were in Japan for a Coldplay concert.. err err.. too much information there :P)

Friday 4 April 2008

Bonehead's Bank Holiday

What a long and gruelling week this has been! Files are mounting on my desk and there was a crisis the other day at work which thankfully was resolved before it exploded. I got an earful from the bank manager. Needless to say it wasn't pleasant but I am sure the other guy I was dealing with at the bank (the bank manager's subordinate) had it worse. Even the partner overseeing the file was not spared. LOL!

I was given a new file today and the pesky client insisted on meeting me tomorrow cos he works across the causeway and is only back in KL during the weekend. *grumble* *grumble*

I think I need a break from work.
You know I need a little break
To get away for a holiday
So I can see the sun
Cos in the sun they say it's fun
If you can get some
Well I could take a train or a boat or an aeroplane
Or I could steal a car
Cos in a car you can go far
It just depends on what kind of car you are
That song reminds me of "D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?" that Ashin swiped for one of his song ^__^ (Oasis is afterall one of his fave band). I love this song! It's one of my fave Oasis b-side and these are my fave lines off the song that I am sure we all can relate to:
It's funny how your dreams changed as you're growing old
You don't wanna be no spaceman
You just want gold

Tuesday 1 April 2008

April's fool!

Whilst I was in a meeting this morning with my colleague and a client early this morning, the fire alarm went off.. oh dang!!! Turned out to be a fire drill. Had to walk in my heels all the way down from Level 12 cos we weren't allowed to take the lift (my left knee almost gave way... LOL)

Rayne took me to Sungei Wang after work today to check out a shop that was selling custom made LED board. Now, I have asked numerous people but none knew where in KL to get a LED board made. Rayne's fren who's a TVXQ fan had her board made there. Turns out the guy running the place is a mega rip-off. He showed me a sample banner that he was currently working on which was not even as big as my Casey banner.. and it costs a whopping RM500!!! *faints*

Baby J buzzed me when I was still outside saying she had read on Ashin's blog that the Down To Earth tour was cancelled (WTH??!!).. only to find out that it's an April's Fool prank by Ashin. Cheeky monkey!! LOL

.... I am getting my increment this month!! hurray!! :D