Wednesday 30 March 2011

3DNA press conference

On 329, Mayday's 12th birthday, the band held a press conference in Beijing annoucing their upcoming 3D movie '五月天3DNA' (titled '追夢之旅' for the mainland market), scheduled for release in Taiwan and across Asia this fall. During the press conference, the band unveiled the movie poster and a 8 minute 3D version of '溫柔' was aired.

The 3D movie will also see appearances by the band's good friends Rene Liu and Richie Jen. The main story of film will feature 3 sections with elements of affection, love and friendship, and of course, Mayday's music.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

20110329 五月天特别推荐真旅网演唱会套餐

Mayday promoting 真旅网/Travelzen - portal for hotel, flight and event package booking. Travelzen are also offering event package for Just Rock It!!! concert in HK

Today is 329.. 五月天 十二歲生日快樂! Happy Birthday Mayday!

Sunday 27 March 2011

Fahrenheit at MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼

Got back today from my 2 night trip in Genting. Was there to attend 第二届《MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》last night

Was hoping to see Leehom before/after the event but instead I got to see 飛輪海/ Fahrenheit upclose 3 times in 2 days! I've never seen them in person before this.. and I'm ashamed to say I only know Wu Zun and Jiro. I didn't even know the other two - Calvin and Aaron till I saw the many Calvin and Aaron LED boards during the event. And I still can't tell the two apart LOL!

VIP tickets - thanks to babyjessie

Saw Jiro leaving for the airport this morning as we were leaving

Wu Zun heading to the after party

Wu Zun and Jiro arriving on Saturday afternoon

Friday 25 March 2011

3DNA ..coming live in 3D

3DNA movie poster is out! Somehow their posters always tend to look alike..

Tuesday 22 March 2011

20110322 全家Family Mart 五月天一日店長

Photos from today's 五月天一日店長 event at Family Mart

All photos taken from Facebook. Credit to 陳慧琳

Monday 21 March 2011


『北奧.滾石30鳥巢演唱會』happening on May 1st at the Beijing National Stadium. Tickets are priced at (in RMB) : 2580, 1980, 1380, 880, 580, 380, 280

List of performers:周華健、伍佰、五月天、張震嶽、任賢齊、杜德偉、辛曉琪、品冠、李建復、小蟲、順子、紀曉君、蘇慧倫、趙詠華、金智娟、熱狗、黃品源、阿牛、曹格、楊乃文、黃韻玲、莫文蔚、陳綺貞、劉若英、郁可唯、卓文萱、黃鴻升、林凡、丁噹、花兒、艾敬、李泉

Sunday 20 March 2011

Famly Mart 五月天一日店長活動

Family Mart has announced via their Facebook page that the「一日店長」event to be held on 22 March 2011 at 全家瑞湖店 (address: 台北市內湖區港墘里瑞光路513巷39號1F) will commence at 11:00 for Q-ing. Numbers will be allotted at 12:00 noon and the event is only limited to 100 fans. Looks like there's gonna be a beeline of overnight campers outside the store come tomorrow night...


Ashin and 831's Ah Pu/八三夭阿璞 has collaborated on a new song for Super Idol/超級偶像








Friday 18 March 2011


Visitors to Taipei who place their booking through selected travel agencies (click here for the list) in HK, Singapore and Malaysia will get to watch Mayday (amongst others..) perform in an exclusive concert 旅行台灣,感動100群星演唱會 on 17 April 2011 at the Taipei International Convention Center

日期:2011/04/17 PM 7:30~9:30
場地:台北國際會議中心/ Taipei International Convention Center

全家飯糰屋 不思議篇完整版

The full version of the CF for the Family Mart rice ball endorsement. Too cute!

Thursday 17 March 2011


In aid of the Japan quake/tsunami victims, a fund raising event, 《相信希望Fight&Smile》募款晚會 will be held on Saturday night. Attending artists include: Mayday, A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Ella of S.H.E, etc..

播出時間:2011年3月18日(週五) 晚間8:00~12:00


主 持 群:吳宗憲、張菲、胡瓜、豬哥亮、張小燕、侯佩岑、蔡康永、哈林、陶子



Rice balls endorsement

The band has swapped their music instrument to roll rice balls LOL. As the new spokesperson for Family Mart's rice balls (seven years after they first endorsed it), they spent 17 hours shooting, ate 40 rice balls in the process.. and pocketed a cool NT$5,000,000.

Come this March 22nd, the band will be dishing out rice balls at a Family Mart near you (if you live in Taipei..) 「五月天一日店長」happening at 1:30PM at 台北市內湖區港墘里瑞光路513巷39號1樓, though Family Mart has announced that in light of the Japan earthquake/tsunami aftermath, the event may be postponed.

Monday 14 March 2011

五月天 on MyYouTube



Sunday 13 March 2011

20110313 五月天 @ Audi A1魅力奔FUN演唱會

The Audi A1魅力奔FUN concert also featured Magic Power, Ding Dang and Victor Wong, during which Ashin announced that the band are currently working on their next studio album

1. DNA
2. 春天的吶喊
3. 離開地球表面
4. 你是唯一
5. 你不是真正的快樂
6. 夜訪吸血鬼
7. 突然好想你
8. 知足
9. 軋車
10. OK啦
11. 最重要的小事
12. 天使
13. 戀愛ing
14. 透露

Saturday 12 March 2011

20110312 Anthony Neely 倪安東<第一課>大馬簽唱會

Anthony Neely is in town to promote his debut album titled 第一課/Lesson One. He's scheduled for 4 stops in Malaysia - 2 in KL today and 2 in Penang tomorrow, Saturday 13 March 2011.
Went to see him at the 2:00PM session at One Utama out of curiosity. I've heard about him but prior to attending the signing, I didn't know any of his songs. He sang one song 'Sorry That I Loved You' and spoke a bit about his first trip here before proceeding to sign CDs.

Much to my surprise there was a sizeable turnout. I wasn't expecting such a big turnout as he was due to appear at Sg Wang at 7:30PM for another session.

my friend's signed CD.. I was too cheap to buy a copy haha

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Just Rock It!!!

五月天[就是]演唱會 香港限定/ Just Rock It concert to be held at Hong Kong's Coliseum on 20 and 21 May 2011.

Sunday 6 March 2011

Mr J in KL

I've always wanted to see Jay Chou upclose. The first time I saw him was at the 2005 無與倫比演唱會/Incomparable to Jay concert at Stadium Merdeka (6 years ago..!) We had crappy seats (last row on the field) so I could only see a very tiny figure of him onstage =[

Mr J was in town for the 超時代世界巡迴演唱會/Era World Tour concert at Stadium Putra last Friday (4 March) and Saturday (5 March). I didn't attend the concert but I saw him today at the hotel.. haha! Finally got to see him close-up as he was leaving to catch his flight

fanboy trying to get Jay's autograph

Mr J took his stuff and signed on it on his way out. what a nice guy

Mr J

video and voice 'Kato you rock!' by Jessie

Saturday 5 March 2011

Audi A1魅力奔FUN演唱會3/13

The lengths car makers will go to promote their products o.O

To promote the Audi A1, Audi has organised the Audi A1魅力奔FUN演唱會 to be held at the Xinyi District A13 parking lot in Taipei with Mayday, Ding Dang and Victor Wong in the line-up. Up to 6,300 general area and 1,500 rock zone concert tickets will be given away by Audi. To win tickets, surf on to

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Mayday too busy for Yanzi

Stef Sun Yanzi held a press conference in Beijing today to promote her upcoming album titled 是時候, her comeback after a 4 year hiatus. Fellow artist friends - Mayday, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Wang Leehom, David Tao had recorded their greetings. She took the opportunity to complain during the conference that Mayday were so busy they didn't have the time to write songs for her