Friday 31 July 2009

D.N.A Nippon

This is just out. Mayday will be playing in Tokyo, Japan on 3 November. Further details are as follows:

11月3日(二) ZEPP TOKYO 

Tickets can be purchased here from 1 August.

I wonder why it's held on a weekday night (Tuesday)?

Mayday have added so many new Mainland dates to their current D.N.A world tour that I've lost track so it's time to update the tour schedule

● 2009/05/20、21、22 Hong Kong
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Coliseum

● 2009/05/28 Melbourne, Australia
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Hisense Arena

● 2009/05/29 Sydney, Australia
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Sydney Entertainment Center

● 2009/07/03、04 Shanghai, China
Time: 7:45pm
Venue: Hongkou Football Stadium

● 2009/07/11 Beijing, China
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Capital Indoor Stadium

●2009/08/01 Harbin, China
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Harbin Convention Center

●2009/08/21 Hangzhou, China
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Hangzhou Huang Loong Stadium

● 2009/08/28、29 Singapore
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Indoor Stadium

●2009/09/24、25、26、27 Taipei, Taiwan
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Taipei Arena

●2009/10/06 Nanjing, China
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Nanjing Olympic Arena

●2009/11/03 Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Zepp Tokyo

From zero to heeeeeeero

After a 3 year hiatus, DT is back.

His new album, titled '69樂章' [69 Movements] will be released on 15 August 2009. In conjunction with the release of the new album, David will be also starting a series of mini concerts in October, beginning with Kaohsiung on 16 Oct, Taizhong on 17 Oct, Hsinchu on 18 Oct and Taipei on 22 & 23 Oct. Tickets can be purchased through the Taiwan FC or ERA website. Ticket prices range from between NT$ 800 to 4200 (!!) That's pretty steep, considering it's just a 'mini' concert and the most expensive range costs NT$ 1000 more than Mayday's D.N.A concert ticket. Hmmm...

Rumour has it that David will be in town on 12 September to perform at Live & Loud KL. Here's hoping he'll be having his album promo that same weekend ;)

Thursday 30 July 2009

I could hardly contain my laughter when I heard Mayday [notably Ashin] singing Happy Birthday during the Meet and Greet session.

Now if you're wondering what could be so funny...
happy burseday tru you
happy burseday tru you

Wednesday 29 July 2009

DNA SG press conference and meet & greet DNA 巡迴演唱會新加坡記者會 28/07/2009

Back from my whirlwind trip.

Attended the DNA Singapore press conference and Meet and Greet session. The highlight of my trip was attending the press conference, as I have never been to any and have always wondered what it was like. The guys, as always, were really funny and Ashin couldn't stop teasing Guan You bout his rather unfortunate recent car purchase (that joke is running thin..)

The biggest surprise was the small turnout at IMM for the Meet & Greet session later that evening. By the time the event started at almost 8pm, the venue was barely half filled! The event was only open to fans with both the Fri 28/8 and Sat 29/8 DNA Singapore concert tickets and I'm guessing, judging from the 'poor' turnout, that a huge majority of fans had only bought tickets to one concert. Or maybe cos the event is on a weekday and some fans couldn't make it due to work/school commitment. Ummm. Hope we won't be seeing a half filled Indoor Stadium on Fri 28/8.

Maybe that was why Mayday had been so aggresively promoting the Fri 28/8 concert (which is conveniently the 10th year anniversary of their 168 concert) Did anyone else notice they haven't really talked much about the Sat concert?

Though there was no autograph session, the meet and greet session turned out to be a rather entertaining affair and ended with Guan You's birthday celebration. I've uploaded some videos at YouTube

*all photos by bloodbubble 2009

Monday 27 July 2009

Keroppi & Hero

I bought a Keroppi mini fan for tomorrow's event, in case it gets too hot. My poor ol' trusty Megatron mini fan died a couple of months back when I dropped it as I was unpacking my bag.. I wasn't able to find the Allspark cube to regenerate Megatron and bring it back to live LOL

If you think the mini fan looks familiar, well it's because Jae Joong from popular Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki has been spotted with the same mini fan at a Bangkok concert. I think it was the SM Festival 2008 (see his tee?) For the record, I'm not a DBSK fan and my choice of mini fan had absolutely nothing to do with Jae Joong...

Sunday 26 July 2009


For many years that Blur poster has graced the door of my room.. 12 years to be exact and amazingly it's still in one piece, considering it's a freebie poster that I got from Select (which is no longer in publication.. gone together with the glory of Britpop), printed on rather thin paper and came folded in eight parts. I contemplated then putting up Kula Shaker's K poster but decided it'd be too awkward to have a Lord Krishna poster on my door.

Now you're probably thinking I'm a big Blur fan, but I'm not. I do own most of their albums and a handful of singles, live albums, interview, compilation etc and I can proudly proclaim that I've seen them live once at T In The Park. I love all things Britpop and Blur is one of the many Britpop bands that I support ;)

Death of a party

And so the story ends.

Damon Albarn has announced in an interview that there are no plans for Blur to perform together again following the band's successful series of summer reunion concerts. Awww... I was hoping they'd consider extending the tour to the rest of the world. According to Damon, the Blur comeback shows were 'beautiful and he didn't want to ruin it'. Maybe he just couldn't stand being around Graham any longer. lol.

Meanwhile, Graham Coxon has returned to his solo life after the Blur shows, playing at London's Roundhouse last Thursday while Albarn is currently working on Gorillaz's third album.

Stay Real jeans

It's a little too early to be working on my shopping list for my impending Taipei trip and this particular Stay Real jeans hasn't even been released in the market...

As you can see from the picture below, it's got 'STAY REAL' printed across the butt. Hmm.. designs with words across the butt draws people's attention to the butt (and it gives an excuse for other people to stare at your ass) It's probably more apt for people with flat rear like Ashin

Saturday 25 July 2009

Ashin and Nylon Chen

Nylon and Ashin with their best puppet impression
Ashin took some time off during his busy schedule lately to visit a puppet exhibition「微笑彩俑」with upcoming star Nylon Chen Nairong [陳乃榮]. Pardon my ignorance as I don't watch Taiwanese series thus I'm not too familiar with this Nylon dude. He's an actor/singer who shot to stardom this summer after starring in a series and he is currently on the same record label as Mayday [B'in Music].

Wednesday 22 July 2009

DNA Taipei tickets

My D.N.A Taipei concert tickets!! All of them.. I lost count how many we have in total but do know we have nine Row 1 tickets. Wheeee! :D

Tickets are currently with my friend in Taipei and I will be getting them next month. Can't wait to get my hands on 'em

Tuesday 21 July 2009

AAR and Kasabian in KL

Kasabian are coming to KL!

Sounds too good to be true? I'm still in disbelief LOL. They are gonna be in town to perform with The All-American Rejects on August 15 for MTV Worldstage at Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach. More bands will be announced closer to the event. I'm hoping to see Oasis and Coldplay on the list ;))

Tickets are not for sale and can only be obtained through various contests by the organisers, sponsors etc. You can try your luck at the MTV website.

I'm not a Kasabian fan, but this is a very rare opportunity to see them and I've read about how good they are live. Liam has been raving bout them for ages... I wouldn't mind watching AAR either


Sunday 19 July 2009

Meet & Greet

When I heard Mayday were heading to Singapore this month end to promote their upcoming August DNA concert there, I was all set to go, despite the fact that it's gonna be held on a weekday and I'll have to take at least 2 days off work.

I was later told the event which will take place at IMM on 28 July 2009 is only a 'Meet and Greet' session and so far no one seems to know whether or not there will be any signing session. Will they just turn up and blab for few minutes before doing the customary games/picture session with fans before leaving.

Obviously if that were the case, I won't be making that trip for the event.

Thursday 16 July 2009

All For Love

Ashin will be appearing as guest at Victor Wong's concert this Saturday at Taipei's TICC. Wasn't Ashin also Victor's guest earlier this year at his Hong Kong concert? Doesn't Victor have any other friends in the music industry or is Ashin his permanent guest artist :P

In conjunction with the "All For Love" concert, Stay Real has designed a new tee for Victor featuring a bespectacled bunny.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Travis live at Singapore Grand Prix

On the way back from work today I overheard an ad for the Singapore Grand Prix on radio. Something about a concert and Travis was mentioned.

I looked it up online when I got home and sure enough Travis are 'headlining' the Grand Prix performance on 26 September. A number of other artistes will be performing as well, including Backstreet Boys, but other than Travis, none of the other line-up interested me. I missed Travis at SingFest last year, so I thought maybe I could somehow make it for this one, only to realise that I'll be watching Mayday in Taipei that very same day!!

oh shoot.. sorry lads looks like I'll have to catch ya'll the next time.. hopefully before Frannie's hair turns all grey XP

introducing Travis' new tour merchandise..

Saturday 11 July 2009

Happy Birthday DT

Today 7/11 is David Tao's 40th birthday. He posted the following on his blog today, which I found rather amusing:

"Yes, it's my birthday. Don't ask me which one it is or how old I am. It's not important anymore."

He has been noticeably absent from the music scene since wrapping up his last world tour (hmm actually I'm not quite sure if the '1-2-3 We Are All Wooden Men' tour has officially ended) I'm still disappointed that KL was left out on that tour.

Good news is the man is back, and is currently working on finishing his next studio album, which I hope will be out soon. He has recently discovered the joy of Twitter world LOL and is constantly twittering and sharing videos on his YouTube channel.

Thursday 9 July 2009

放肆 MV

What's new in Mayday world? The lads played 2 concerts last weekend on their Shanghai leg of the D.N.A World tour to over 60,000 fans... and Ashin was shocked when fans threw pink bra to him onstage 

and the MV for 放肆 is finally out.


Sunday 5 July 2009

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Henry Hatsworth the old geezer is the unlikeliest hero of video games. Nevertheless, it's a really addictive game and I've been playing it so much that my arms are constantly sore !

It's an adventure puzzle game. A sort of Mario-esque cum Tetris. On the top screen you get to play Hatsworth in the real world fighting baddies and monsters, and alternate with the bottom screen to play the puzzle world, matching coloured blocks in order to gain energy and power-ups for Hatsworth. Gain enough energy and Hatsworth changes into his robot form ('Tea Time' hehe)

Simple as it may seem, the highly acclaimed game isn't as easy as it looks. Each level is fairly long with few save checkpoints. Which explains why I've been so hardcore gaming this one.

The game is addictive - you have been warned!

Saturday 4 July 2009

Stay Real X Transformers

This is cute.

Stay Real is cashing in on the Transformers craze with their latest tee design featuring their mascot mouse in Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee helmet.

Not too crazy about the new Transformers series tee. I think they've recycled that mouse in different outfit way too many times. I'd like to see some new designs please ;P

Newest addition to my collection

I got this today, the latest addition to my modest 五月天 collection 

It's not a new item but I've not come across it before though I have read about it. This piece of 十萬青年站出來 POWER CD ROM set comes with a cdrom disc and a really thick postcard book filled with pictures from the concert. The content of the cdrom disc isn't particularly impressive but the postcard book makes up for whatever lack on content in the disc :)

Thursday 2 July 2009

Row 1 DNA tix ! =D

Tickets for the 24/9 D.N.A Taipei concert went on sale yesterday at 5:55PM and for the upteenth time, I could not purchase a single ticket through ERA. WTF, is it just me or does anyone else have the same problem buying through ERA?

I was so sick and tired of the ticket fiasco that I turned in early last night and awoke this morning to find a text message on my mobile from my friends, sent in the wee hours of the morning informing that they had gotten Row 1 tickets for our group!!

Superb tickets they got.. it's in the middle section right in front of the Ashin area of the main stage and it's on ROW 1 !! woohooooo!!