Tuesday 29 January 2008

Mayday vs DT

I knew this was gonna happen. I had foreseen it. When Mayday's Malaysia concert was announced, I was mighty tempted to log on to Genting's website and grab the best available seats. It's been 2 years since I last saw them in concert [last year's JUMP album promo and guest starring at Leehom's 2006 Heroes of Earth Taiwan concert don't count k]

They are so good live, you have to see them with your own eyes and ears to believe me. They are AWESOME live!!! They will have you jumping on your seat by the end of the first song. Someone once said that you will only fully appreciate Mayday when you watch them live. How very true.

What held me back on buying the Mayday tickets immediately was cos I had heard that David Tao is having concerts in Singapore and Malaysia in April also. My main concern was that their concerts would clash. Well it's very unlikely that DT's KL concert would coincide with Mayday's Genting one as ticket sales would be badly affected if two major artists are having concerts in town on the same day. That leaves with the only possibility of DT's Singapore concert clashing with Mayday's Genting show. Boo hoo. I just found out today that DT is indeed having his Singapore "123 We Are All Wooden Men" leg of tour on 19 April 2008, the exact same day as Mayday's "JUMP" world tour. Oh dang!!!!! I hate having to choose between the two as both are my fave artist. But it looks like I will be at Mayday's show in Genting cos I had just bought my tickets for Mayday.

Sunday 27 January 2008

Feeling under the weather

I'm nursing a headache today. I can't tell if it's cos of the hot weather or cos I overslept today. Of late the weather is unbelievably hot. The weather here is always friggin hot come this time of the year when CNY is approaching.

CNY is just 2 weeks away and I haven't done much. Have yet to get started on the cleaning. Oh gosh.. for the first time in years, I didn't mail any CNY cards! Don't think I'm gonna bother this year cos I'm too lazy and it's too late to mail them abroad anyway.

Have you ever wondered if rock stars actually do play Guitar Hero? Well it looks like these two below do! LOL. Mayday were at a XBox promotion in Taiwan yesterday and it seems Ashin challenged Masa to a bout of Guitar Hero and lost by over 70,000 points [oh the shame!! but that's OK cos Ashin is still my guitar hero =) ]

Guitar Heroes: Masa vs Ashin
tickets to go see Jay Chou on Feb 23rd

Wednesday 23 January 2008

Thaipusam break

Finally Thaipusam has been announced a holiday in KL. woohoooo!I found out about it on Monday morning.. what a pleasant surprise. It's yet another hectic week at work so I really needed a day off in between. Am gonna be swamped with work and deadlines till CNY. Sigh.

Mom surprised us when she cooked snails for dinner.. ewwwww *throws up* I had a whiff at the plate of disgusting and foul smelling snails and almost lost my appetite. The last time I had snails was when I was on a trip in Taiwan 2 years ago and the Tourism Board had organised a dinner.. it was one of those lavish 8-course meal. I remember when one of the dish had arrived, I started feasting till someone on the table said 'oh wo niu'.... then I almost threw up LOL

can of snails..

Sunday 20 January 2008

Mom's birthday

My mom's birthday falls on 18 January [trainspotter Jay Chou fans would note that it's the same day as Jay's birthday] Usual round of feasting and all.. I ate so much I think I have to go on a crash diet next week... don't wanna end up looking chubbier during CNY, especially when I have to visit relatives that I see only once a year. Hehe.

Munchies at Tony Roma's

Thursday 17 January 2008

Mayday Mayday

I just found out last night that Mayday are finally coming to Malaysia on their JUMP world tour. But why why why does it have to be at Genting?? That crappy venue. It's been 2 years since I last saw them play at Stadium Merdeka and I really wanna go see them again!!!!! 

They're playing Singapore the weekend after the Genting show.. ahhhh.. I wanna go too! OK I gotta sort out the Genting show first.. hehe. One at a time..

Mayday on their KL Final Home World Tour on 14 Jan 2006 - check out the sea of fans in red!
Lookie! My old SE W550i cellphone and the Mayday 2006 tickets :)

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Back from Jakarta

Back from Jakarta.

It was a fairly short 4 day trip and pretty much most of the time was spent holed up in the hotel. It was good to meet up again with Anett and co. Much thanks for everything! Thanks for feeding us with all the wonderful local delicacies and taking us around and arranging everything. You guys are the bomb! [I miss the ikan bakar already.. ]

Novotel where we stayed. Pic taken from the warung Indomie across the hotel.

Late night snack at warung Indomie
My roomie is a huge Indomie fan. We went on a Indomie shopping spree the next day at the supermarket just below the hotel.

a shopping cart full of Indomie in assorted flavours

Jakarta sunrise 

They say you have to try ikan bakar if you go Indonesia and boy this is yummy yummy!!

This is the first time I've tried pisang bakar. Umm interesting combination of banana, cheese and chocolate.. don't look so appetising though after it's been wrapped for hours.

Wednesday 2 January 2008

New Year 2008


Back at work as usual today.. after a series of yearend festive breaks.. in between clearing my annual leave.. it was nice to be at home and not doing anything.. though I was also out a lot with frens, shopping and pigging out. So now I am starting the new year.. skint and a lil rounder. LOL

I saw Elly’s pics the other day on Facebook, taken after a snowstorm in Boston. There was snow everywhere.. it was sooo beautiful.. I miss the snow.. I was in NYC and travelled for a bit this past Chinese New Year and it was the first time I had seen so much snow in my life.. no kidding. Right now it’s blazing HOT in KL. It’s so unbelievably hot that if I had a choice I would not leave my air-conditioned office today :P